Why Don’t We Do What’s Needed to End Our Discontent?

Something’s missing in our lives, and we know it.  The discontent is eating us alive.

No matter how we try to address it and fill the hole, we fail.  Sure, maybe for a short while it subsides when life goes the way we want, but it soon crops up again in another time and another way.

In Whispers in the Silence I suggested this discontent was because our souls are calling us to awaken and turn inward to become whole.  What it doesn’t say is that it could turn our lives upside down in the process.

Fear of these changes and the harshness of their impact can stop many an awakening soul from advancing on the path.  It’s only natural, because spirituality is the opposite of materiality, and an ego’s first responsibility is to survive.

That’s why the will to live is so strong.

Yet without adequately providing for the material side of life, and the money to create it, life on the path can be a struggle — triggering even greater discontent when the path doesn’t bring the good things we want.

So if discontent is setting the stage for us to change, yet is still there even after we do, what’s the purpose of undertaking this journey in the first place?

Well, you can debate it with yourself.  You can even turn away from its promise for a while.  But though you may run, you can’t hide.

Your soul has called you to awaken and set out on a new path.  And the journey ahead may come with many challenges.

Money might just be one of the biggest.


Does Money Grow on Trees?

Money. Money. Money. Money.

It’s lack is one of the biggest issues facing many on the path. 

There just never seems to be enough to go around, and the struggle to deal with the shortfall and its consequences can be quite challenging, even to the most advanced soul.

What can I tell you that will magically end your discontent and solve the work, career and financial issues that bring you struggle and sacrifice?

The easy answer is to say that lack, limitation, struggle and conflict are experiences you need, and to seek the value they bring to the expansion of your consciousness.

They probably are.  It’s just that most people, other than the most ardent devotees, probably aren’t ready to willingly sacrifice their outer lives just for the promise of their inner one and the ongoing work of their souls. 

While that’s what religions ask, it’s a hard to expect anyone to blow up their lives.  Yet sometimes that’s exactly what the spiritual path demands.

I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself, either.  What I do want is for you to see yourself in a new light, consciously remaking yourself to better align with the inner journey.

This may mean letting go of your self-judgments and expectations when the new path doesn’t offer the comforts of the old.  Failure and frustration may be your constant friends for a while.  Embrace them, knowing that with each step into the turmoil you set the stage for new growth to come.

Still, you’ve gotta survive, and hopefully thrive along the way.  Find a way.

Like happiness, discontent is not a permanent state.  It comes and goes.

For discontent is merely a signpost to tell you when you should shift how you see and relate to your life, or when you need to go in a new direction for the experiences you’re here to get.  

It doesn’t tell you how.  That’s part of the art of living by the light of your soul.

My advice to you, then, is to find a place where you are in balance and your discontent minimized.  Call it your sweet spot, if you will.  Then try to stay there if you can.

And if you can’t, look at your discontent.  Learn to work with and within it to build a life that serves you — and the world.

If you need help along the way, just remember.  You don’t have to go it alone.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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