Who Do You Serve?

When all you’ve got is not enough

In the course of our journey back to Source, many of us awaken to the needs of others and begin to put their interests equal to or ahead of our own. Finding a balance that serves us, them and God is an ongoing challenge we face each step along the way.

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When Ra was channeled giving mankind the Law of One back in the ’80’s, he said that as humans evolve through 3rd density consciousness (where we are now), at some point most begin developing awareness and concern for the welfare of others. These awakening individuals find themselves in service-to-others when they are more than 50% of the way from service-to-self toward serving others.

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Serving God

Then Spirit mucks up the works, making serving God a priority, even over serving others, as their awakening progresses and they turn their lives over to the Divine Will. As such, interest in serving self wanes even more as the attention is focused first upon God, and then upon the others in their lives and world. Neglect of ones own needs is often a key indicator where one is in the process.

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Finding Balance in Service

The problem with service-to-others or God is that we still have needs to be met, families to feed, house and clothe, and lives to live in the outer world. However, the preoccupation with service makes it hard to do so, diverting needed time and attention from one’s own needs to the service of others or God.

It then becomes the challenge of the awakening soul to balance the needs of all, guided by their inner voice, to meet the needs of each moment. This can be a disconcerting time for any server, caught in a tug-o-war without end when abundance does not flow in other ways.

While St. Germaine says to give all you’ve got, and then give some more, it can take its toll upon the psyche. The server must find his or her own way, and trust in the choices it makes as it tries to build a life that serves the needs of all.

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Service on the inner planes

We would be remiss to suggest that this reality and your personality within it are all there is. For the is always more, so much, much more.

Open yourself to the possibility that there are other planes of existence, and that there are other beings within them that serve to implement the Divine Plan for creation. Call them what you will — masters, angels, guides, even ETs or aliens, or whatever. Even see yourself among them and working hand in hand with them to serve a greater cause.

Consider also that though they may serve the light, there may be others that serve the darkness and seek to thwart or corrupt your efforts, to drag you off the path of light into the darkness of evil and into service of self as your path of return.

As your consciousness unfolds, you may become aware of their existence and efforts to influence your choices and steer your life in the direction of their choosing.

Free will is the first principle of creation. Every sentient being is endowed with the power to choose and go it’s own way, and how it will gather the experiences of its lives. Choose wisely.

Just know that what you think you know is not all there is. There is always more.

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