Which Way is Out?

Do you ever feel like screaming, “Stop the world! I want to get off?” It’s like we’re locked in a House of Horrors with no exit. Which way is out?

The craziness being exhibited is accelerating rapidly. The energies that have been increasingly bombarding our world these last couple decades since Earth entered the photon belt are taking their toll.

As a result, once sane, rational people are starting to appear positively insane, psychotic, or whatever psychological condition that describes the mass fear, panic and hysteria that now sweeping across the land.

Worse, the situation is being manipulated by those in power to get even more and assert ever-greater dominance and control over the masses. Where is stops and how it plays out, no one yet knows.

It is easy to be swept away by the mental and emotional responses triggered by these situations in our common reality. As an awakening soul, I hope you’ll create a space inside where you find refuge from the storm. And while there, consider what it all means for you, as well as our world.

First, try not to succumb to the emotional swings set off by propaganda, false flags and disinformation. Likewise, don’t fall for the efforts to separate us and drive us farther apart by emphasizing our differences or relative conditions. It won’t serve you to allow yourself to be dragged down into the mire.

What’s in it for you?

Understand that while we rush headlong toward Armageddon, unless you’re called to play some role on one side or the other, you might want to sit this one out — at least for a while.

For your role isn’t to fight the good fight, or to be collateral damage from the wars of those who do.

It is to hold high your vision for a better tomorrow, and recognize the situation for what it is — a catalyst by which to evolve to greater knowing of yourself. And as you do, to better express the love and light that flows into and through you, directed through your free will as inspired by the One Infinite Creator.

Current events are meant to lower your vibrations and drag you into the darkness, even as your soul is calling you (can you hear it?) to rise above it and refocus on the light and destination to which it calls — the integration of your inner and outer selves working in concert for a better world. Not the kind of world of elite control envisioned by the New World Order, but a Golden Age of peace and prosperity — and FREEDOM — for all.

Many think they’re acting upon that call now by fighting for a cause (like well-meaning social justice warriors who want everyone to become “woke,” regardless of its impact on free will). However, unresolved inner conditions have made them susceptible to greed and lust for power, distorting their efforts and making them prey for those who would bend them to their will.

Perhaps it’s possible to win without evolving ourselves, but what good would that serve, considering we’re entering 4th density consciousness (so call it 5D)? It would simply perpetuate the battles without addressing their root cause — the excesses of the human ego.

Only by becoming more, by walking our spiritual talk and finding a way to bring more Oneness to earth, can we negate the controllers’ dastardly deeds. For this isn’t about one side winning or losing; it’s about EVERYONE winning by growing closer to the Creator that calls them home.

And that starts with you. IN YOU.

Where we are going

The 4D world to come is not going to be a world where one side wins and imposes its will on the rest. Of course, that’s what it appears like the controllers are trying to impose now, an effort that people are beginning to stand and resist. But 4D won’t support institutionalized oppression, so the more who awaken and do their part (inspired, not trigged), the brighter the future we’re here to help create.

For though self-determination will rule, it will come with responsibility to restrain how we exercise our free will, a responsibility determined in accordance with that higher power’s guidance from inside. Greed and self-interest must be tempered, subordinated to principles and standards to insure our highest conduct in service of our individual and collective highest good. Not the good decided by some political party, or worse, a central ruling cabal.

That means moderating your ego so you don’t succumb along the way.

The interaction of this vision with the state of our current reality will allow you to see and know (and change) things about yourself that still cling to the old ways, and replace them with attributes that support the new. It will set off responses within you that will help you evolve, and spur you to action to stand for the vision you hold inside. So get clear on it. Make its manifestation the compass by which you live. Only then can you create the future you seek.

Ultimately, the outcome is up to you and the choices you make along the way.

When consciousness is on the line, which way will you go? Will you perpetuate the conflicts in hopes your side wins and you can impose your vision of that future on all? Or will you seek a higher ground where that conflict is a thing of the past and live every moment as a spiritual experience to help you make the long journey back to source?

For there is only One.

You hold the energy of that future within you. Find it. Honor it. Use it to temper your responses to the craziness going on around you.

For there is only one way off this rock, other than the death of these bodies. And that’s to ride it out to the end and allow it to transform us along the way.

May your journey be fruitful and your knowing great.

God bless you indeed.

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