What Kind of Life are You Creating?

We each create the lives we live, both alone and in conjunction with all the souls who help to create the world around us with which we interact.

When we speak of building a New World, understand that it would be nice to recreate the entire planet earth and the civilizations and cultures upon it. But truly, that is not our concern.

Nor should it be yours, either.

Your ego is at the center of your universe. It is only concerned with the reality presented for it to experience and interact with. That reality is a small part of the common reality of the entire planet (though in a very real sense that common reality impacts you, and you impact it).

When you are trying to create a perfect world, what you are in essence desiring to do is change your individual reality into your vision of perfection, whatever that is. And since your individual reality is intricately intertwined with that portion of the common reality with which you interact, you are also trying to change that common reality into something more conducive to allowing your perfect individual reality to manifest.

So, as you go forward each day creating those interwoven personal and common realities, what is it that you are really creating? And how do you go about creating it?

If your focus is only upon the dramas in which you become immersed, you may have a hard time rising above them to consider the objective of your efforts, much less the process of their creation.

While that immersion may be important to fully experience those dramas, it may do little to empower you to dissolve the illusions between the outer self that is caught up in them, and the inner self that determines and manipulates their creation.

For while it would be nice to believe that at an outer level we are godlings who have the ability to create whatever we want (including those perfect worlds we desire), until that illusion of separation is gone we risk working to create one thing while the soul seeking experiences for its evolution is directing the manifestation of something totally different.

The process of creation is at once deliciously simple and excruciatingly complex. For the entire package with which we engage the outer world — personality characteristics, attitude, beliefs, desires, fears, approaches, and more — all are “manipulated” by that inner self beneath the surface of our awareness to get us to create the experiences it needs.

Yet all manifestation starts with a simple intention.

Set Your Intent

It is this intention to which I call your attention, and the inner processes by which you go about creating it. For if you truly want something other than what you’re already getting, then perhaps the way is not by struggling through the dramas a little longer but by increasing your understanding of your inner processes and learning to work them to your advantage.

As you consider the life you have created for yourself today, what are the processes and attributes that you have used to create it? Were they done through the conscious application of mind, or were they formed somewhere behind the veil of illusion that separates you from the soul within?

Then look at what you’re getting. What are those dramas really bringing you? How did they come about? What were the intentions under which you thought you were acting, and processes that you used to create them?

Then consider the contrast from where you are to where you want to be. How must those inner processes evolve if you are to get there?

Finally, go back and re-check your intent. What is it that you are really trying to do? Are you taking an active role in creating the life you live, and along the way enhancing your powers of creation? Or are you simply perfecting your ability to tolerate and interact with the reality in which you find yourself at any particular moment?

The answer you find may surprise you. But then, it just might go a long way toward explaining what you’ve been creating all along.

Go with love. I am john.

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