What is Your Highest Good?


Highest good. The term is bandied about by lightworkers all the time. Often they pray for a healing or action to be performed so they can be served “in their highest good.”

Did you ever hear the expression, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it?”

Well, praying for a change in circumstance to serve your highest good is one of those instances where such an admonishment might be kept firmly in mind.

Let’s take a specific example that affects many who travel the path of awakening service.

Suppose you’re stuck in a career where you find no joy. Is it in your highest good to stay in the job, or to leave it?

You might pray to be led to a form of work that is in your highest good. But did you ever think that being in the current situation might just be that good?

After all, you created it. You’re responsible for what you’re getting. And if it weren’t in your highest good, you wouldn’t be going through it now. It’s happening to bring you an experience through which to evolve. Who are you to say that it isn’t, no matter how unpleasant.

The question becomes not how you can change it, but how are you using it?

Until you can meet that job with joy and enthusiasm and all the good will you can muster, odds are good that situations that bring similar impact will continue happening in your life.

Even if you succumb to the emotional toll it takes and change jobs, you’ll probably just end up going somewhere else and getting more of the same.

Your highest good is the expansion offered by the experience of the moment. Only by receiving the value it offers can you move on to situations that bring other experiences.

Sure, we’d like to think our highest good is a “feel good” state that energizes and uplifts us and makes it easy to reflect our most loving aspects.

But that ain’t the way it works.

Our highest good is a state that challenges us to find whatever we need from an experience about which our souls are curious, through which we get to better know ourselves and relationship to all that is.

So if you’re thinking of using your inner voice as an excuse to make a major change in your life and escape a situation that brings you little joy, think again. It’s only pointing out that you aren’t getting from it what is intended, and to try again another way.

Otherwise, your new pursuit (even one that purportedly serves the light or attempts to make a contribution to a greater good) may just bring you more of the same.

Serve your highest good. Discover what your experience offers you now, and receive it with love, peace and joy.

When you do, you will have learned, raising the bar so you can move on to something new and greater to explore.

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