Watching from the Shadows

It took a long time to drive the do-gooder out of me, but life saw to that. Now I watch from the shadows as darkness spreads its icy grip across the land, snuffing out the free will of all who stand in its way.

Once upon a time I was a lawyer and quick to take up the sword. I’d never been one to back down from a fight (I teach karate and other martial arts), but the warrior in me couldn’t do it any longer. Something shifted. The law was like a suit of clothes that didn’t fit so well any more.

For a while those combative ways were redirected toward serving the light, sharing a path to wholeness following the whispers of our souls. And while those views still remain, frustration took its toll as my messages seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Maybe I wasn’t very good at it. Maybe people weren’t ready to awaken, much less serve. Maybe they were in service to self and I was asking them to be what they were not.

I like to think, though, that it was all just a catalyst for my own spiritual evolution. For it forced me to change.

The effort had worn me down and left me unbalanced and sickly, nearly taking my life. The voice inside said, “Let it go.”

And I did. I had to. Just like you may have to let go of a lot of things in your life, too.

A world in conflict

So here we are, enmeshed in an unfolding catastrophe that threatens to upset the universal law of free will. Why? It’s supposedly to protect us from an invisible enemy by surrendering all authority over our affairs to powers-that-be who shout out commands and promises that they know best and are acting in our best interests. But it sure doesn’t look that way.

And while I am against everything they stand for and do, I find myself strangely ambivalent to interfering with their efforts, nevertheless horrified by the extremes to which they go to get their way.

Simultaneously I revel in the actions of the unfolding resistance that fights back at every turn, and vicariously savor the thrill of battle that comes with it. Yet I don’t jump into the fray to help.

While at times I’d like to join them, I know that’s not my journey or contribution to the cause. For I am a spiritual warrior, I fight the darkness in other ways.

What’s going on?

Strangely, I feel a sense of calm within the storm. No fear. No panic. Just a sense of knowing that humanity must evolve if we are to collectively ascend to higher expressions of what we can be.

And just like the professor told Klaatu in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, “Only when we get to the precipice will we change,” that time for change is near. And change we must, a change that no amount of preaching or shouting from the rooftops can create.

For the change needed is one of expanded consciousness of the commonality and connections at our core, and bringing the implications of that reality into our affairs on this planet. That kind of change can only come from inside when we’re ready.

I and many others have been sharing those ways for decades. While our efforts have helped, the numbers reached who voluntarily sought the light have not been sufficient to turn the tide toward such mass evolution for the bulk of humanity.

So God is forcing bringing the dark and light within us and in our society into open conflict in such a way that will drag everyone into it, and FORCE THEM to evolve one way or the other, for good or for bad.

The escalating current events are simply part of the catalyst by which this change is to be thrust upon us, and we will be forced to choose our path forward.

So who am I to stop it from playing out, or trying to steer it one way or another?

Where do we go from here?

That is indeed the $64,000 question. Will humanity choose the light and stand for its freedom? Or will it succumb to the forces of domination and control that would enslave them and future generations through the darkness of fear and desire?

I think I know how it will turn out, but getting there won’t be easy. It will require many changes in us all, changes that right now few can foresee and even fewer are ready to embrace.

You as an awakening soul will not be immune. It will impact you, your families and lives, in ways that will not be pleasant to experience. Some of us will fall along the way. I hope not you.

Be strong. Be resilient. Be nimble in your responses. But always, find the light that shines in you and allow it to come out in all you say and do. It will not fail to show you the way.

As for me, I will strengthen my vision of what comes beyond the chaos and conflict, for the peace and prosperity that await as we move toward unity consciousness, with each heart and mind voluntarily awakened in turn. If and how we get there remains to be seen..

Enjoy the show, and the growth it brings. It’s why you’re here, now, in this time and space.

Godspeed, and God bless you indeed.

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