Walking the Path

How to take your next step

When doubt and darkness overtake you, focus only upon this moment. It’s all that matters.

It’s important when walking the path not to get so caught up in the trees of your struggles and conflicts that you can’t see the beauty and wonder of the forest of your life.

You are a sentient being, created from nothingness to know and experience yourself along with all the world has to offer.

While your life prepares your spirit for its return to Oneness, the object of life is not to end it, but to live it and revel in all it brings, both good and bad.

Through it you will grow. But always the focus must not be upon your destination, nor even the source that gives you life. Rather, it is in this moment and in the moments to come that you will find what you seek.

Give each moment all that you have – all of your attention, all of your awareness, all of your energy and effort. Don’t cling to the memories of moments past, nor the prospects of moments to come.

It is only here in this present moment that you can unlock the door to all that is. Live it in gratitude, with peace and joy in your heart. For it is why you are.

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