Cultivating the Self

When you’re inspired to do or become more, here are some ways that can help.

About our training

Just as in developing proficiency in any discipline, consciously advancing your journey along the spiritual path takes regular training over time to expand your awareness, cultivate your energies and develop the practices by which to become more.

This training involves loosening the bonds of ego and “peeling back the layers of the onion” of the Self so greater light from the soul’s rainbow body shines in and through us. We refer to the various aspects of this consciousness training as CULTIVATION PRACTICE.

Cultivation works to develop the entirety of how we are created so we can become more in all aspects of who we are. That includes the body’s ENERGY FIELDS (through various practice to develop concentration and move energy), SELF-AWARENESS (knowing ourselves and transforming the ego/personality), as well as SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS (pertaining to our inner processes, responses and relationship with the outer world).

Different people gravitate to different forms of training. Some practice in the quiet alone at home. Some take courses. Some work along with DVDs or audio recordings. Others want private instruction tailored to their needs. Still more attend events or train in groups.

We recognize these differences, and offer various ways to provide illumination and empowerment to keep you growing toward the light.

In addition to the things set forth above, we’ve also created some pages under the navigation link for this page above with some free resources for energy and egoic cultivation to get you started.

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