To Be, or Not to Be

The words Shakespeare wrote for Hamlet so many centuries ago still ring true for the spiritual seeker today.  For those who are awakening on the path to Oneness often find themselves caught between worlds, or more precisely, between approaches to life in this dimension of 3rd-density consciousness.

Early on in our awakening, we thrill to each new discovery and revelation; aha moments are cherished milestones we pass along the way.

But as we journey farther down the spiritual path, those aha moments come fewer and farther between.  They still happen, but the realizations become less a trigger for excitement, than a knowing nod toward another brick in the wall, so to speak, of our awakening.

The path, and our sense of purpose upon it, turns from an outer focus toward doing and achieving (i.e., creating/manifesting your desires) into one of being and becoming within the life that’s served up for us to live.

Love — more particularly the experience of ourselves by loving and allowing ourselves to be loved — is experienced less through the pursuit of our desires, and more through the opportunities that arise in the lives we’ve created. 

The carrot of doing more, of serving and bringing our gifts into the world, somewhat loses its luster.  It remains a part of what we are created to be, but it no longer is the the do-all/be-all focus of our intentions.

Rather, those are redirected toward the whole of our experience, to integrate the knowing, doing and being into the possibility of us.

The seeker — or awakening soul — evolves spiritually within the 3-dimensional experience of itself as it questions — and accepts — everything as created, or is not.

As we evolve within this experience of ourselves, purpose is transmuted into expansion and integration of a more unified experience of our inner and outer selves.

It’s not like we suddenly turn our backs on our outer affairs and our doing in that outer world.  Rather, it’s more of a realization that our souls are fed by the interaction of all these different focuses and forces to shift our perception of life, and ourselves, into overdrive.

What we know, or knew, ourselves to be and our lives about, fades away.  We’re left to experience each moment anew within the flow of life.  

Intentions dissolve as well as we move into this new zone of awareness.  For intentions of the ego only serve to advance one aspect of our being, rather than the intention of the soul for wholeness as it works its way back to the Creator and the Oneness that we are.

Subordinating desires to God’s will becomes a matter not of surrender, but of realization, that the purpose of our being here is to know God despite our separation, and the only way to do that is to become whole.

This is where the Law of One helps.  For it encourages us to see God in all things, including ourselves — that there is no separation, but that all we are, all that happens, and all that exists is One. 

The thoughts we have, and communications from inner reality, are us.  The outer reality we experience is us.  The lives we live are a series of situations created for us to experience us.  And all that happens, or does not, does so for one purpose — to lead us toward the Source from whence we came.

As we move forward, it all blends together in a sense of beingness that incorporates doing and not doing into the unique experience that is us, as both creator, actor and observer of that experience.

And when it does, we can feel like we’re left in the lurch.  There is no seeking. No creating. No doing. No evolving. And no separation between us and whatever it is we experience within us and our lives.

Yet, we are all these and more, wrapped in love and light bringing increasing awareness of our connection to All That Is.

So if you find yourself losing your passion, purpose or failing to create what you want to create, don’t despair.  You’re not moving backward toward the you that you left behind, but rather evolving into the you that you will become, inching your way ever-closer to the light that calls you home.

It can be a challenging time at this stage along the path.  If you need help, that’s why we’re here.

God bless you indeed.  I am







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