The Teachings of Padmasambhava

Part 1: From the Introductory Preliminaries

One’s mind [better: Primordial Essence] is understood by this method (202).

Sems-gchik-po (pronounced sem-chic-po), “One Mind” – W. Y. E.-W. (203n).

First Charge

This yogic treatise . . . teaches that one needs only to look within oneself to find Truth [Primordial Essence of Eternity] (197).

Tibetan Masters of Yoga, by projecting a mental image, . . . have demonstrated [a] yogic method of materialization (cf. 197 and 291).

Conquerors of Life and Death vow not to enter Nirvana until all things are restored to the divine at-one-ment [Primordial Essence] (199).

The Sole Reality [Primordial Essence] is also the One Mind, the All-embracing Universal Mind (cf. 199).

In this supreme system of realizing Truth [Primordial Essence of Eternity] in its undivided unity by knowing the self, all yogic practices and use of concentration-points are transcended by it: “the most excellent of yogas” (cf. 200).

Any system of yoga is, according to our text, no more than a preparation for the truly Great Path (Mahayana) that leads to the supramundane, to the One [Primordial Essence] (cf. 200).

Without mind there would be no world [as humans experience it] (201).

In the True State [Primordial Essence of Eternity] the pluralistic Universe does not seem to exist (cf. 201).

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