The Multi-Dimensionality of Consciousness

Consciousness.  Normally we use the term interchangeably with “awareness;” when something comes into our awareness, we are said to be conscious of it.

Consciousness is also used to refer to the purposefulness, or intention, to engage in a particular thought or action.  In short, it is the exercise of our free will to direct our focus toward whatever we experience or want to experience.

Yet the individual consciousness appears to be more a collection of different intentions or purposes representing different aspects of our personalities. 

Each aspect of our personality seems to take on a different consciousness as our intention, purpose and awareness shift to the focus of the moment. 

And each aspect or application of consciousness brings with it the memory, skills and attributes necessary for it to work in our world.

In short, we are not static, one-dimensional consciousnesses, but rather a multi-dimensional consciousness that functions more or less simultaneously across a variety of physical, mental and spiritual fronts.  Together they merge into the consciousness of our individuality.  For we present various faces and facades based on the personality garment we wear at any particular moment, rather than don a one-size-fits-all monolithic personality to reflect a composite image of all our differing consciousnesses.

I come to this observation out of personal exploration and experience, and through observation of the many facets of my own personality, between which I usually can shift at will as the situation requires.

For instance, in one moment I’m a lawyer, drawing upon the perspectives and understandings of the trained legal mind.  In another, I find myself as a spiritual teacher, tapping into universal truths and a higher vision both unnecessary and often counterproductive to daily life.

This is nothing unusual. We each shift into different aspects of our personality as if changing hats, each allowing us to perform within a specific area or sphere of our lives.

This shifting back and forth we call multi-tasking, often jumping from task to task and personality to personality in a continual dance of consciousness, each bringing forth a slightly different aspect of ourselves, our awareness, and the creative energies we bring to each moment.

Consciousness, though, does not seem to multi-task.  Though our awareness within that personality’s consciousness may come and go, the underlying consciousness that enervates it remains.  Ever present.  Ever working. Ever manifesting situations for us to experience in the context of our lives and the reasons for our coming.

In this sense, our consciousness is multi-dimensional.  It doesn’t start and end with each change in circumstance; rather, it is present at all times in all aspects of us and our lives — all to create the experiences we need to expand and evolve.

And we can draw upon any portion of it, or the totality of its whole, as needed to meet the needs of the moment.


The Many Hats of Consciousness

Let me try to put this another way.

You are aware that my work is split among several different websites.  Each has its own focus and purpose.  Each site represents the expression of a different aspect of my personality.  Each draws forth the consciousness required to not only reflect that personality, but also to allow others to engage on a basis that aligns with something within them, their purpose, or needs in their lives.

Here at WhisperZone I wear my spiritual teacher hat.  It goes on when I begin to question the nature of reality and how I’m creating my life and conducting my affairs.  It opens the door to deeper understanding, of which I lay breadcrumbs through posts like these, podcasts, videos, books or other materials.

But my focus is not always on the spiritual side of life.  Often it’s on an area that goes hand-in-hand with my law practice, which is the subject of peace and conflict.  That side of my personality is simultaneously both combative and peaceful, bringing forth an aspect of my consciousness that allows both courses to be put in perspective and contribute to the needs of the moment.

So when I’m working at PeaceOptions, that aspect of my personality (split as it is) brings forth concepts and applications to move beyond the conditions, both inner and outer, that cause us to fight.  It allows me to articulate the energies that want to manifest peace in our time, and empower me (and you) to make other choices when conflicts arise.

MissionLaunch, on the other hand, is a place into which I shift when I am focused upon the energy that inspires us to make some contribution, do good or serve others in one way or another.

Yet within all of them I am the consciousness of both peace and conflict.  I am the consciousness of making a difference.  And I am the consciousness of Oneness and the urge for spiritual movement toward the Light.

These are but a few examples from my own life.  There are more, just as there are many within you as well.

We each move seamlessly between these aspects of our personality, the thoughts and tasks they require, and the consciousness that enervates and expresses itself through them.

But somehow despite the incongruities and differences between them, we see and experience ourselves as a singular personality, a singular identity, and a singular consciousness.  

The truth is, we’re not.  We’re a composite of all of them, and more.

It’s much the same way in creation.  God-consciousness is divided into individual identities.  Each identity is divided into separate personalities.  Each aspect of personality draws upon its own unique aspect of our consciousness.

Together, though, they are One, they are whole, they are all that is — and is not.


The Question of Consciousness

Is this truly the way we are?  Are we truly multi-dimensional consciousnesses expressed through individuated personalities?

Beats me. 

But such a perspective works for me, and makes it easier to understand how my differing areas of focus fit together into the identity that presents itself before you today.

There may be many other ways to see or explain it.  Or I may be right on point. What matters is not in the absolute truth or righteousness of this perspective, but whether it helps you better live the life before you now while moving toward the Oneness at your core.

You can think of consciousness as a static, monolithic, and comprehensive concept that is all-knowing and powerful. But that’s a hard concept to work with.

It’s better to just recognize when you and others shift into your different personality/consciousness modes, and explore how each impacts your interactions.  You just may find that the way to deal with one personality state may be totally wrong for another.

As you do so, you’ll begin to see the interaction of energies between you, and how different inner conditions affect the flow of consciousness, connection and creativity.

Eventually it will lead you toward unity consciousness, where all elements of personality/consciousness can be seen as integral parts of a unified whole that seeks to know and experience itself. 

Either view will serve you, depending upon the needs of the moment.  But regardless of which way you choose, one thing remains clear.

Consciousness is the path to Oneness.  Awareness of how it’s divided and applied within you is a good first step.





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