The Cosmic Evolution of Humanity

tornadoWhat is it that makes coming together with other awakening souls so special? Why are we drawn together?

The short answer is to evolve. The long answer is somewhat more complex.

This is a turbulent time, both within us and within the world. It seems like everywhere we turn another “storm” is roaring through our world, tearing up the comfortable lives we’ve known.

These storms come in many forms. Hurricanes and other “acts of God.” Political unrest enough to give obscure candidates platforms and credibility with the masses. Financial institutions teetering under the weight of a systemic greed they once excelled at feeding.

The effect is turmoil. The hold of the status quo is loosening, opening the door to accelerate the evolution of humanity.

Why should we be concerned about the evolution of this species? Aren’t we here to evolve ourselves? Or at our most basic, just trying to survive and create a life that works for us? Why should we be concerned about everyone else?


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

The expansion of the consciousness of even one soul expands the consciousness of the whole. But that whole is far greater than the gestalt of human consciousness. The expansion of one expands the Presence behind All That Is.

How does consciousness evolve? Through experience. And from that experience we learn a little more about ourselves and our relationship to everything else.

These turbulent times are coming for a reason. They precede the great lifting up of Ascension, or as I prefer to think of it, a cosmic shift in perspective and possibility beyond our wildest imagination.

We who are awakening to this possibility are coming together for many reasons. Like attracts like. We’re drawn to others of similar vibration. But more importantly, we have the ability to reinforce and amplify each others’ energies, accelerate each others’ awakenings, and enhance each others’ efforts in the world.

Why is this important? Because the collective consciousness will not rise to sufficient levels solely from the cyclones ripping through the existing order. In order to nudge human history in a new direction (toward the New World, Golden Age, or heaven on earth), greater numbers are required.

Some must challenge the entrenched beliefs and offer new ways of seeing things – not to force our views on anyone, but to allow them to consider whether there is sufficient value in them to shift out of their own stuck energies and ride the evolutionary waves that are sweeping across our universe.

This is my role. Perhaps to some extent it is yours, too.


How Can It Be Done?

To accomplish it doesn’t mean picking sides and taking part in the petty squabbles between competing extremes. Nor does it mean condemning mainstream values or practices. It doesn’t even mean trying to fix everything we see is “wrong.”

Rather, it demands a tremendous sensitivity to the underlying factors that cause them to be that way. Then, when the opportunity arises, to gently illuminate those causes for people to see so they can begin to understand how they contribute to the things they don’t like so much.

As their minds open wider, then other perspectives can be revealed that will empower them to see new possibilities. And best of all, to create something better.

This will allow them to see and experience life in a new way, expanding their consciousness in the process.

By coming together we help raise the consciousness of each other and enhance our ability to go out into the world to do it for others. Even more importantly, the communities that we form and collective efforts we engage in are incubators to put this rising consciousness into action. In effect, we’ll be working out the kinks among ourselves, and then leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so others can follow.

This is why I speak so often about community and cooperative activity. It isn’t just to weather the storm of these difficult times, though that’s important. It is primarily because of the possibility it holds for the evolution of the collective human consciousness.

While every soul will decide for itself how and when to evolve, it should at least have the choice to come along with the rest of us. And understand that choice impacts far more than it alone.

So search your heart. You will know if this is what you are here to participate in.

Maybe for you it is just about your healing, your teaching, or your charitable efforts. Maybe it’s just about raising your kids, helping the poor, or care of the old and infirm. Maybe it’s just to survive and create a comfortable life for yourself.

But in your moments of quiet when you connect with the eternal being at your core, I suspect you will be told of something more that is in store for you that will help to raise the tide of all creation.

If so, let us find a way to come together. There is much to be done.


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