The Ascension, End Times and the Value of a World in Conflict

“When we get to the precipice, we change,” said the renowned scientist Professor Barnhardt to Klaatu in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

That was fiction. This is real.

Our world is in a bad place. Conflicts are breaking out all over the globe. People are unhappy with the status quo and the powers that be that keep it that way. They want more — for themselves, and for the societies in which they live.

Some are trying to impose their view of how things should be upon others. They claim to act for the greater good, but often their altruistic intentions are clouded by personal fears and desires, not to mention the mechanisms of domination and control they erect to accomplish their desired ends.

It locks them into perspectives and policy objectives that run counter to the inner urge of peoples across the globe to be free of the yoke of oppression, injustice and inequality. Unfortunately, the vision they seek to create brings with it even greater oppression, advancing their chosen set of rules and leaders to force their will upon all.

Others do not share their view and fight to oppose their efforts. Many fight for their own ideals and freedoms. Others just want to be free to go their own way without interference, manipulation or control.

And the battles rage on, impacting our lives at every turn.

What’s It All About?

We are each on a journey to return to our Source, to unify with the innermost aspects of our being that know the Oneness of All That Is.

Think of this process as the spiritual path we tread. Each experience offers the chance to know ourselves a little better and draw us closer to our destination.

To some it ends in a grand event when we individually and collectively shift into a new consciousness and way of being. For others it is the result of a multitude of tiny steps that prepare us to put them together in a magical elixir of transformation.

Either way, the culmination of our journey is what is referred to as the Ascension. It is the unification of man and spirit joining together in search of greater truths and awareness.

The Ascension is the unification of man and spirit joining together in search of greater truths and awareness.

From the looks of things, we sure seem to be a long way away from that at the moment. For the conflicts in which we’re embroiled threaten to escalate to the point of our very destruction, and that of the planet on which we live.

In a very real sense, we are playing out the story of Armageddon from the Bible, where the armies of Christ meet those of the Anti-Christ on the planes of Har Megiddo in a winner-take-all battle for the future of our world. As prophesied, the forces of Light will supposedly prevail to usher in a Golden Age reputed to bring 1,000 years of peace for our world.

The Battle Within

The conflicts now underway are part of this war. Yet the true battles being fought are not those in our outer world. They are the ones going on within each of us to one extent or another that are setting the stage for us to take the next step along the path of our own evolution.

Light and dark exist within all of us. It is the nature of duality to have these opposing forces butting heads, testing our ability to work with and within their energies and reflect the best we have inside.

Unfortunately, the unawakened rarely use them that way.

Locked in the throes of our egoic distortions, we seize upon one side or another and play out the hand to it’s ultimate conclusion — or until we tire of the fighting and learn from our experiences enough to either let go of our objectives or choose another way to get there.

So we fight on with ourselves within, and without the conflicts continue to rage.

The Precipice Nears

We all see where we’re heading. The civil unrest will grow. The wars will escalate. And the whole world will be at risk of destruction unless we wake up and try something different.

This is the precipice ahead.

The question is, will we change? And if so, how?

Unlike the story of Armageddon, there is little hope of an absolute victory. For the the conflicts are tearing our civilizations apart. If they escalate into some final Battle, devastation will scar the land and leave a broken human race to somehow pick up the pieces of their world and lives.

Which returns us to the battles going on within us that are setting the stage for our own advancement — or relegation to the evolutionary slow track as we succumb to the passions that poison our minds and harden our hearts.

Light and dark are part of us, like two sides of the same coin. While we exist in this 3-dimensional system of creation of our universe, neither can exist without the other. Fighting to drive one or the other out will only create further imbalance and lead us deeper down the rabbit hole of conflict.

Instead, they must remain in balance, each carefully monitored and adjusted to preserve that balance. For when they are in balance, we create a state of inner peace through which the soul can enter and act in concert with the ego to bring out the best we are inside.

We know what happens when they are not. And the picture that’s painting is not pretty for anyone.

So the question is, will we change? Will you?

Only time will tell.

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