Spirituality, Politics and the COVID Vaccines

What in the world does spirituality have to do with COVID and politics, especially the efforts toward lockdowns and vaccine passports? In a word, everything.

Let’s start at the beginning. Life occurs for a reason.  From a Oneness perspective that reason is to know ourselves and our relationship to each other, God and all that is.  And with that knowledge, to realign our energies with that Oneness through loving and being loved.

Simple, right?

Will and desire (including its negative – fear) interfere with that process, requiring the moderation of our egos and expansion of consciousness to consider new perspectives and possibilities.

The possibility of death sets off a great response that every evolving soul must overcome. In this case, COVID triggers that fear.  That fear colors all of our interactions until we can break free of its energies, not an easy task when wrapped up in all the issues of surviving and prospering in this crazy world.

In spiritual terms, COVID is a catalyst that forces us to evolve. How and into what is unique to the respective journeys of our souls.

Generally speaking, most of us will use the experience to focus ever more intently on survival of our bodies, however that may be seen within our understanding, biases and frames of reference. It is a natural response in service to self, yet still many grow in their concern for its effect on others as well.

Others, though, use the catalyst to advance their own interests and agendas. Many times such efforts are obvious, especially when imposing their wills on others through lockdowns, vaccine passports, and stated intentions to depopulate and impose a one world government.

Discernment is necessary to see through their actions and arrive at one’s own position on the matter, all things considered.

Ultimately individual spiritual implications must be seen within the greater context of the evolutionary benefits and detriments to humanity as a whole.  For it is the collective consciousness that steers how that plays out here in 3D reality.

Keep in mind that the goal is our collective ascension achieved through the fragmented efforts of every person contributing to it.

COVID is a universal catalyst for most us, creating a common situation through which we must each move.  How we respond depends upon our soul’s particular needs and path back to Oneness.

Perspectives are as varied as we are.  But always it brings us face to face with how we have created ourselves and those things most important to us.

Many see themselves at risk from others and embrace separation. Some even use that embrace to discriminate against those who see it differently or make different choices than we do. Their fear overrides their reason, empathy and any sense of connection, making it easier to judge others and justify the harms committed to assuage their fears.

Somehow humanity must move beyond the differences we use to keep us apart. That includes how was see and react to COVID, and treat those who we see as different than us as risks to avoid or obstacles to overcome to get our desired outcome.

I cannot tell you how you should respond; that is a matter for you alone to determine.  All I can do is remind you of the the primary principles of creation: free will, love and light. It’s up to you too use them as you will.


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