Release Beliefs and Desires

Set Yourself Free

Don’t chain yourself to a status quo that isn’t serving you.

Thy Will be done.

The Spiritual Path eventually requires us to break free of our attachments and surrender to the Divine Will for our lives. For us, it was turning to the master within and saying, “Teach me. Thy Will be done.”

ball and chain
buddha saying to free yourself from attachments

Buddha says . . .

The greatest of these attachments are the beliefs we’ve formed with which we see ourselves and conduct our affairs, the attraction to desires that we think will bring us pleasure, and the repulsion of fears we think will bring us pain.

Are you going where you really want to go?

These attachments lock us into the status quo of the lives we’re living, and keep us from moving forward to lives that better serve us, or the souls that enervate and guide us to the experiences needed for our spiritual journey home.

words status quo over image

But it’s so pretty and holds such attraction!

To advance along the path, we eventually will have to rip the flower of desire from our hears and let go of what we want — or don’t, or how we see things now.

Let your life blossom.

Only then can we allow life to unfold as it will and experience whatever comes, free of the expectations and judgments that make it less than we want it to be.

cherry blossoms
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