Reincarnation: The Unfinished Business of Your Soul


While considering our greater existence and how our life experiences may fit into other aspects of our being, I have seen some possibilities that deserve further explanation.

At our core [in non-physical reality] is an entity, or higher self if you will, that projects aspects of itself down through the personality into these bodies and the egos by which we know ourselves.

These lives are not its only experience of physical existence; rather, that entity also projects itself into other bodies in other dimensions (times and places), some of which may not even be upon the earth. For that matter, it may also project itself into other non-physical realities as well, but that is something beyond my understanding for now.

This is a time when many aspects of those other, multi-dimensional lives (prior, future, other worlds, etc.) are being pulled into this moment, integrated into what we are now.

Shifting Perspectives

The key to getting the full experience of a physical reality is a complete immersion within it. That’s because life is meant to be savored in the here and now.

But from within that immersion, the suggestion that some part of us exists beyond it is usually pretty hard to swallow. To think that we are anything more than we know can rob us of the full benefit of what each moment offers.

Nevertheless, the looming Ascension is opening the door that keeps us apart from our other lives, raising a possibility that may not only divert our attention elsewhere but also change the very way we go about our lives within this world around us now.

The wider it opens, the more we can see the experiences we are going through now from a perspective greater than that of the ego of this life. For it allows us to glimpse the entirety of our being as we assemble the pieces of other lives that seep into our awareness, like archaeologists trying to assemble a distant past from a few scattered fossils

As these pieces are examined, we begin to see patterns that don’t fit neatly into a single life, and very well may recognize the continuity of our experiences across multiple lifetimes.

One thread may begin in this life; another may end. Moreover, the remaining experiences of those life-threads may very well play out in one or more of our other, multi-dimensional “lives.”

I know some find it hard to consider reincarnation as a serious possibility. For them I’m sure it’s even harder to fathom the idea that we may be just a minuscule aspect of a greater entity that uses many lives to gather the experiences it sets out to get.

Those who do, however, may find such an expanded perspective might help them to understand some things that happen that just don’t seem to fit within their carefully-scripted life plans.

For as we draw into us these aspects of other lives, we may find we don’t even recognize who we are or understand what we’re doing. It can even cause us to feel disjointed at times, unable to make choices or even see possibilities to work through the situations that present themselves to us.

Sure, we can try to explain it from a rational view. But then, it can test our ability to justify to ourselves why we now have interests or abilities we never had before, or lose those upon which we once heavily relied.

Of course there may be other ways to explain it. But then, why shouldn’t this one be given as much credence as the others, at least until “proven” otherwise?

The proof may be in the pudding.

After all, how else can one explain why otherwise intelligent people who go through life competent in one field be unable to apply what they’ve learned into success in another?

What might cause them to be able to roll along without a care, and then one day the wheels fall off and they suddenly are unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks that used to come with ease?

This is often the fate of the awakening server. Here we are, working so hard to make a difference while living a life that works, and nothing that we do seems to go right.

How could this be?

Perhaps the answer is that the greater entity sets the course for our lives (and not the ego that thinks it consciously chooses its path), and it does not want the “problem” to be solved. Rather, it wants to experience what it’s like to be within it, and thereby frustrates our egoic efforts to escape.

Moreover, the intention of this “higher self” may very well be to experience this frustration, knowing it is a preliminary step to the integration of abilities from other lives that would better enable us to meet such a challenge.

If so, then it may be that our job (at an egoic level) is just to ride out the experience while we assimilate into a single embodied whole aspects from our alter-egos in other realities.

Perhaps, though, the cause is an energetic change within us triggered by our being readied for multi-dimensional integration that disrupts our ability to function within the world, in effect “short-circuiting” our ability to function adequately in one area of life or another.

This might explain why a person’s ability to function in the world can be so severely affected that even the simplest things become major obstacles, like losing the ability to relate to mainstream ideas or communicate in language the average person can understand.

Whether these in fact result from the integration of multi-dimensional aspects I cannot say. For it is entirely possible they occur for many other reasons as well, not the least of which might be sensitivity to the forces blowing through our world.

All I do know is that we are changing in myriad ways that affect us both energetically and in our capacity to function in the “real world,” transforming us into beings quite different than we were.

Recreating Humans in a New Image

If I didn’t know better (and I don’t), I might think that God was designing a new human to function within the 5th dimensional energies predicted to be coming down the road.

Like Pablo Picasso’s paintings that took a piece from here and put another piece there, it’s hard to tell what the final product will look like.

But from what I can see, it doesn’t resemble a human being as we know it, much less equip us with what is needed to live in the world around us today. Rather, it’s more like he’s turning us into Galactic Humans as the Galactic Council suggests we’re becoming.

However it is seen, our task is to figure out how to deal with it and get on with the business at hand.

I suggest that way is to consider these changes as indicative of a work in process that has not integrated all the necessary parts. There is nothing to fix and nothing to heal.

The disjointed and disconnected energies of our lives are simply indicators that we have farther to go to complete our identification with the whole. Whether that includes absorbing aspects from other lives is something we’ll have to discover along the way.

My recommendation is therefore to stay focused on our efforts to know ourselves and what we’re all about, and evaluating all that happens in our outer world for the value it offers us to see the inner conditions that cause it.

This knowing will allow us to move through the transition with greater ease while we shift from what we were into something else that we are not yet, learning new skills, gaining new perspectives, and integrating new practices along the way.

And that in order to function, we need to learn to live in a world of dislocation, because what once was an accepted way of doing things may not now work the way it used to.

How Can We Adjust?

It’s not enough that our world is in an uproar, or that so many are struggling with health, money or other issues. Sure, those alone should be enough to motivate us to try new approaches to replace old ones that no longer serve us.

But for our own peace of mind and relations with the world, I suggest that peace may be more easily had by understanding the implications of our multi-dimensional preparations for Ascension.

Rather than thinking of our lives as a haphazard series of events that gradually brings about changes in consciousness, by pulling back our perspective we can recognize that any one point in time is merely a snapshot of a transitional process carefully choreographed by our inner self.

And when we do, that allows us to realize the things turning our lives upside down are being manifested to help us move through a construction process that will be completed in due time.

Anyone who’s home has been ripped apart for remodeling knows how disconcerting such circumstances can be. It seems as if the work will never end, and our emotions can be stretched to the limit as we try to cope.

It is much the same with what is going on in many lives right now. We are in this transitional state, facing challenges of monumental proportions that we are powerless to end or even speed along.

We can fight the process and struggle within it, but then our best efforts to right the ship probably won’t even make a dent in changing our lives into what we’d like them to be.

Or we can allow it to go forward as it will, doing what we can to ride them out in a better way.

The energies of struggle anchored in life’s challenges are not ends in themselves. Rather, they are simply responses built upon ignorance of our awakening and its relationship to the unification of our whole.

For these dramas are not fixed points or the ultimate objective, but rather snapshots of a fluid process that most of the time we aren’t even aware of. As was written in the Bible, “This, too, shall pass,” so will they.

And the more we see and understand the greater picture that is being constructed, the more we can detach from those dramas and recapture the energies we need to move smoothly into the future.

That movement is so much easier when we look beyond our immersion in the now to keep one “eye” on the greater entity and the multi-dimensional aspects it’s pulling into us, even when we don’t quite know what they are or where to find them.

This shift in perspective will in turn empower us to see the illusions of separation that keep us apart from that higher self and other lives, and impair our ability to see ourselves as whole.

What to Look For

How can we recognize these barriers that keep us locked in illusion?

Look for variations in the normal patterns of your life or areas of continual struggle that never seems to be resolved.

For me they come when I “hit the wall,” manifesting as a sort of zoning out that comes when I am searching for an answer I haven’t yet found or waiting to hear a voice that refuses to speak.

Normally such things would come instantaneously upon demand. But when I hit that wall, there is nothing I can do. It’s as if I’m looking into the darkness, trying to see what’s on the other side without any way to illuminate or peer into the shadows.

It’s as if my ego sets up a defense mechanism to keep me away from one of the illusory barriers, perhaps fearing that if I get too close something will bleed over to move me through the struggle and spoil my experience of this reality.

When that happens, I’m faced with one of three choices. I can keep beating my head against that wall. I can stay where I am and wait, hoping the situation will change and I’ll later find a way through. Or I can look for another way to do what I want to do.

You may have such moments in your life, too. Only you will be able to recognize them and to realize their significance. Only you know will know when to push through them, and when to try something else.

When you find such obstacles, their importance is not to cause you to sit around waiting for a multi-dimensional piece of your puzzle to appear. Looking won’t manifest it any quicker, and your awakening will continue whether you find it or not.

Instead, see it as a marker pointing to a part of you that you do not yet know, a realization that in and of itself will expand your consciousness and the knowing of that of All That Is.

When you can, this may help you to understand a little more of what is going on within your life so you can meet your struggles with a little more ease.

In closing, may your shifts be gentle, and your expanding knowing bring you ever-closer to all that you already are.

Go with love. I am


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