Moderate Your Ego

Let go of what you think of yourself!

Know what’s going on inside and what makes you tick is only part of the battle. Then you have to uncover why you are the way you are, and then set about transmuting those aspects that distort your light and make you less than you can be.

No one can tell you what to do. Neither can they do it for you. You are the captain of your life. What you do with what you learn about yourself is solely up to you.

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It’s all about you.

At the heart of all religion is its impact on how we see ourselves and conduct our affairs. A key to most traditions is sharing common beliefs and perspectives that allow us to moderate the concerns of self so we can find peace, let more light into our hearts and minds, and love others as we do ourselves.

But for the awakening soul, those beliefs are often set aside as they chart their own course through the outer reality that they have for so long taken for granted.

Awareness of the spiritual path and the principles it offers brings new perspective and purpose to living in this crazy world.

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Don’t let it go to your head.

Life happens for a reason. It brings joys and sorrows and challenges and successes, all of which feed your ego or bash it into submission.

But mostly it’s about bringing you the experiences you need to evolve, and those that the rest of our world does as well. Even the ones you have little part in may become yours if they come into your attention or impact your life in some way.

All that you see. All that you are. All that you hear. All that you touch. All that you think. All that you feel. And all that you don’t. All of it is part of the One, and as such, is part of you.

Find your energy within it. Seek to understand how it serves you, and how it changes you as you deal with it.

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What would you be if you let go of what you think of yourself?

This is a question I asked myself after a conversation with an Eastern monk many years back. For the Buddhist view of non-existence in this illusory reality was to cut through the crap and get to a realization of nothingness, or as they say, enlightenment.

It is a view I shared in many lifetimes, though in this one I hold out another way.

For the purpose of this life is not to end it, but to experience it and through that experience to know ourselves a little better in every moment.

We do this through our sense of identity, an avatar if you will, that is created by the One into which our limited consciousness is poured, unaware of all that is other than what we think we know or see for ourselves. With that identity comes self-image and all the egoic attributes of personality that we have to work with and through in our lives.

But when we let go of what we think we are and how we see ourselves, all things are possible. We can become anything we want to be, or nothing at all.

How that plays out is up to your soul, as is the urge to let go of all that you know yourself to be. If it should happen to you, enjoy the ride.

How and where to get off once you tire of it may be another story, one you’ll have to write for yourself.

God bless you indeed.

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