Mission Magic: Answering the Call to Serve Others

I have mixed feelings about nudging you along this path, especially toward service of others.  For my main objective is to preserve the prime directive, not to interfere with the free will of another. 

Therefore the offer of enlightenment can not be made lightly, for the manner in which I do so can come with severe karmic implications for us both if it is presented as an imperative, rather than a possibility that the awakening soul chooses for itself in its own time.

It is a fine line, then, that I walk to show you this part of the path.  For consciousness in most instances must expand on its own without help or suggestion, unless requested.

Nevertheless, I must assume that if you are reading this, you have already felt those stirrings within you to add something to the reality in which you live that can uplift others or ease their journey through incarnate life.

I will therefore speak to the choice you have already made to bring perspective to your journey and efforts to apply those energies in your life.


The Urge to Serve

At some point in their awakening, many begin to feel an inner urge to apply their creative energies in service of some cause greater than themselves. 

The form of service is less important than acting upon the inner urges, and getting the ego out of the way long enough to accomplish the assigned task.  It may be of direct service of others.  It may be through some creative work that uplifts or benefits them.  Or it may simply be some expression of your consciousness that serves as a catalyst to trigger their own.

To review Ra’s teachings, 3rd density consciousness is no longer just about our physical growth toward the light, but rather the growth of our spirit.

This spirit begins to form as our awareness and concerns expand beyond ourselves to encompass the needs of others.  The relationships we develop bring us face-to-face with a choice of whom to serve in every moment, essentially creating a conflict within us that we must resolve if we are to move forward in either direction.

It is our perception of that possibility and choice to include others in our considerations that begins forming the spirit (and to my inference, the crystaline vehicle in which it rides) by which we will continue our journey through the higher realms.


Who Do You Serve?

Some choose service to self as their primary motivation, and it is along this path that they will continue to evolve through manipulation and control of others to benefit themselves. 

We all know people who go this way; it is a great challenge for all who choose service of others to deal with them, and to carve out a space by which they can address their own needs and continue to develop along the service-to-others path.

Service to others, though, is not always as clear cut a choice as it seems.  For even within service of others there remains a choice who to serve.  For we need to continue our journeys and get the experiences we came for along the way.

This is where light and love come in.  Love is the ultimate expression of light, just as light is the ultimate expression of love.  They work together to draw us onward on our journey to Oneness.

Light allows us to see what needs to be seen, and do what needs to be done, to create the lives we came to live and the kind of world needed to live them in.

Love dissolves the bounds of ego so both of them can flow into and out of us as needed.

Service to others is a way to love.  It not only helps the individuals toward which it is directed, but also expands the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

Through service, some of those barriers between us dissolve.  In turn, we draw in more light, allowing us to see and relate to each other in a new way. 


Finding Your Balance

Like electricity flowing from source to ground, so energy flows through us the same way.  In to out.  Out to in.  What is given must be replenished.  Somehow.  Someway.

As a result, service is difficult on a one-way street. 

The server in you may be challenged to find the necessary flow and balance between giving unconditionally and giving to get in return.  It is part of the art of traveling the path you must develop for yourself, to find your point of balance where you can be replenished and feel supported in your needs, too.  (This point may vary from time-to-time in this life, or between lives, as you explore different ways of finding it.)

When we act out of unconditional love without getting back as much as we give, we risk burning out along the way.  For we, too, have lives to live and families to care for. 

Service to others, then, must somehow reward our innate need to get love for ourselves as a byproduct of the outward effort — even if only through the good feelings and positive self-image that can result. 

Such positive feedback to an awakening soul reinforces its sense of progress, value and worthiness (to itself) while spurring it on to greater efforts to love and be loved in the future.

Certainly sacrifice is sometimes the result of giving of ourselves.  But such sacrifice should be done consciously, at least when not called to respond to the needs of the moment. 

Service to others should not be self-sacrifice.  Always the first recipients of our love must be ourselves, lest we set off an egoic backlash that can follow us from life to life until resolved (“What’s in it for me?”). Remember, Jesus taught us not only to love our neighbors, but to love our neighbors as ourselves.   That means love ourselves, too — whatever it takes.

Awakened service, then, is a balancing act each awakening soul must face on it’s journey home.  Serve others.  Serve self.  And above all,  serve the God that makes it all possible.

Whatever your choice, you’re right.  For it will somehow lead to the experiences needed for the next step in your journey.

It’s all about the experience.  That is the reason you’re here, and what yo do with your time while you are.


Make Your Own Choice

Free will is all about choice.  You have the choice.  Give others the choice, too. 

Don’t give love conditionally or in a way to force others to go along.  Illuminate.  Empower.  Inspire. Not impose.  Or guilt. Or make the choice for them.

Right now you’re perceiving the stirring of spirit within being called to the light.  Those inner nudges, and how you respond to them, will show which way is right for you.

If it is to serve yourself a while longer, or even venture farther down to path of service to self to see if it’s right for you, that’s fine.  

But if it’s toward service of others, know that choice is setting in motion a series of experiences that will test you to your very core to love yourself and your God by loving others. 

Ultimately only you can choose who to serve, and whether and when you will. 

May your efforts lead you closer to the Oneness that you are.

God bless you indeed.

John Dennison
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