Mission Impossible: NOT!

Why are you awakening?  Why here?  Why now?  

They say everything in divine timing.  What’s so divine about this moment, in this life, in this world?  What’s so divine about you?

Ra says the wanderers, whether they came from other worlds or were here already, are awakening now to assist in the upliftment of humanity during the “coming” Ascension.  It’s supposed to be a graduation of sorts for old souls.

It kinda makes sense, considering the ever-intensifying energies that have been bombarding our planet. 

I agree with Ra, but my view is a little different.

Imagine a flock of sheep, feeding on all the goodness they could muster from the bounty God provides them.  But the shepherd didn’t live among them; rather in a house far away on a hill.  He could see all, but do little to influence outcomes.

The shepherd could see there were wolves circling the flock, picking them off one by one and ready to terrorize them all. 

What should he do?  Watch helplessly from afar?  Or go there to protect them and lead them home?

You know which one our shepherd chose.  He gathered up his things, called his herding dogs, and off he went to feed them, to comfort them, and guide them back where they belonged.

And certainly he could not abandon them to the wolves, to be devoured perhaps as their next meal.

Just as the shepherd saw the danger and acted, you did, too.

You saw from afar what was about to unfold, and what it meant for all of creation — for the journey to Oneness impacts us all.

But you knew you couldn’t just stand by and watch from afar.  So you migrated to Earth and began the trek through 3rd density consciousness — the same consciousness that shapes the history we are writing today. 

So now it’s your time to awaken.  Not just so you can Ascend, but so you can do your part to help that class of souls graduate and be on their way.

It’s your job to raise the vibrations of our world, to bring love and light and positivity to the moment, and all the conflicts that arise between egos in this world.

And for some, to lead the graduates to the next stop of their journey.

Some things to remember:

  1. The goal is Oneness, where unity conscious with the Creator is achieved.  It is not the ascension into a 5th dimension, getting to heaven, or wherever.  Those are just interim steps along the way.  Yet always the spiritual traveler must keep the end in sight.  Oneness is both means and destination.  Your inner voice will show you the way.
  2. Souls are awakening to add their creative energies and perspectives to the collective consciousness, thereby setting in motion the changes necessary for our world to evolve as a whole. This element is crucial, for where we go One, we go All. 
  3. Unless all of us — even those who do harm or manipulate and control others — can raise our consciousness to achieve union with the Creator, none of us will.  For there is only One.
  4. Because many are not ready to make the leap, some of the wanderers will, even after making the jump to the 5th dimension (4th density consciousness), return to 3rd density to assist those who remain behind.  Their lot is much like that of the Bodhisattvas of Buddhist teaching.  Their vow goes something like this:

So long as space remains and suffering beings remain, I shall remain to ease their pain and show them the way.

So forgive me if I keep harping on the basics like knowing yourself, listening to your inner voice and moderating the ego.  Because until you do, you won’t be of much use to anyone in helping them awaken and make the journey, too.

Nevertheless, it’s the mission that matters.  You’ve got something to do, a role to fill to raise the collective consciousness, ease suffering or light the way.

So get out of your own way, and get on with it.

No mission is impossible.  You wouldn’t have accepted it if it were.

God bless you indeed.  I am




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