Life Lessons

Are you learning your life’s lessons?

If not, when will you start?

Life is the best teacher. In fact, it’s why you’re here — to experience what it’s bringing, and through it, to better know yourself and become more. Awakening allows us to gather those experiences consciously, as an active participant in how our lives unfold.

Those lessons come in many forms. Learn to recognize how they operate in your life, and use them to build a life that serves you.

Life Issues

When seen in hindsight, we can recognize significant issues our souls are here to focus upon, allowing us to meet them in future situations in better ways.

Life Threads

Often we have themes or areas of focus that run through a series of our lives to explore different perspectives and possibilities. Awareness of “past lives” can be a key to unlock their significance in your soul’s development.

Watershed Events

These are key experiences in a lifetime that create understandings, beliefs and intentions that shape and guide us through the moments to come.

Karmic Echoes

Cause and effect sets off energetic waves that ripple through our other lives. When karma brings repeating situations, we have the choice to engage those energies with more of the same, or try another way.

Feedback & Reviews​

Want to know what they’re saying about John?

The moment I met John, I knew. His eyes told me that he had returned, and that he would help me find myself.

Heidi Richards​

Davie, FL

John is ready to take you to the place you came here to find. The approach is easy on the heart and the simplicity is profound.!

Darryl Schoenstadt

Phoenix, AZ

“Very few teachers today have the insight and wisdom of John Dennison – his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.”

Gabriel Lawson

Monument, CO

What Can I Do for You?​

I offer personal consultations to help you take your next step along the path to build a life that serves you.

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