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MissionLaunch is where we offer consciousness and mission development coaching to empower you to make the difference in your world.

DMG is our company portal to all our sites, products and services.
Podcast to help awakening souls deal with a blue pill world.
At PeaceOptions John offers peace coaching and has created a free library of materials to help you find your peace and create it in your world.

Hands-on help with legal, business and personal issues that steal your peace and block your way.

All for One

A word about our other websites is in order.

I share the path of awakening to your return to Oneness. Each of our websites is designed to help you with a different aspect of your journey.

  • WhisperZone is about your awakening and the spiritual perspectives that will aid your self-realization.
  • MissionLaunch is about embracing the urge to make a difference that comes as you move toward service-to-others.
  • PeaceOptions is about applying your awakening to a world locked in struggle and conflict, and moving through the dramas and difficulties it brings in better ways.
  • Red Pill Chronicles, hosted at, is where I offer these perspectives to to help awakening souls deal with a “blue pill world” that is not yet aware of their awakening.
  • Dennison Management Group and Dennison Law are where I offer hands-on help to deal with that world.

Remember, there is always more.  I’m here to help however I can, with whatever you need for your next step.  So please visit me there when that need arises.

God bless you indeed.

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