Follow Your Inner Voice

Do you hear it?

clouds with words asking can you hear your inner voice

Some call it the voice of God. Others think of it as hearing their angels or guides. We know it as the whispers of the soul, the inner voice that seeks to guide you to and through the experiences it needs from your life and how to meet the challenges that arise along the way.


Following its guidance is key to your advancement, so pay special attention to hearing it and not letting the distortions and distractions of your mind get in your way. But that guidance comes in many forms and channels, and you must learn to bifurcate your attention — turning inward to what is going on in you, as well as outward to your outer world — to recognize the signals and read the signs it gives to guide you to your next step.

man meditating at sunset

It starts by entering the place of silence within, by turning off the voices of your mind and whatever else you hear inside. And then, to listen, truly listen, to the impulses, inspirations and whispers that come into your awareness.

words listen to your inner voice

Once you hear it, you must act and go wherever it leads. This is only a start, for there is much, much more to learn and apply, but it is a very good start indeed.

purple lotus flower

After a while and your ego gets out of the way (not always an easy process), it will rearrange your life and accelerate your journey, if you let it — and follow the other steps laid out on this website.

Welcome to the inner way.

God bless you indeed.

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