Get in the Flow

Let it take you where you really want to go.

Flow. It’s a concept involving surrender to the process of life as it unfolds within and around you.

But flow is also a thing. It refers to a state of energy moving to create reality and take you to the life you came to lead.

Understanding is not enough. You’ve got to feel it, to unleash it and be within it to experience all that it offers, both for this life and your efforts to serve the One.

flowing river

A flow of moments

Life is a flow of moments that bring situations to experience and deal with.

Steering where we want to go is nearly impossible when we go against the current. It exhausts us and makes the journey less than pleasant.

Learning to go with the flow requires developing the awareness and inner sensitivity to know where it’s leading, and learning to navigate within it to the different stops you choose along the way.


Stay off the Rocks

Within the flow of the river of life are boulders around which you must navigate, and falls that threaten to take you to your doom.

How you do so determines the quality of your journey and what you experience along the way. It also determines the effectiveness of your service and what you get along the way.

man kayaking on ocean

Follow your passion

Think of your desires and passions as channels within the flow, carved just for you to make your going easier and better, where the waters get wide and you can get quiet.

While they can come with their own challenges and hardships, they offer a quality that enhances your journey and makes you glad for the course you choose. Best of all, they can lead you to your calling when you follow the whispers of your soul.

Finding and following them is one of the great joys of life, unleashing not only your service in th eworld, but also opening you more to the inner flow of light from your soul.



Ikigai, the Japanese concept of the intersection of your inspirations, passions and abilities expressed in ways that provide you the means of life, is one such manifestation to which you may be guided.

Finding ikigai is a great way to be in the flow.

awakening expands mind

Awakening blows your mind wide open

Once you awaken to the fact your life is leading you home under the guidance of your soul, your mind begins to open so you can consider new perspectives and possibilities to accelerate your journey.

How you do so determines the quality of your journey and what you experience along the way.

Living in the Light

The goal of awakening is not just to enhance your life in the outer world. It is to achieve wholeness by setting aside the ego and entering into partnership with spirit in search of greater truths and awareness — the greatest of which is that you ARE the One.

Traveling the spiritual path and practicing all of its principles will allow you to open yourself to that flow.

This is why you travel the path. Live in the light that creates that flow in you.

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