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Working Your Way Back to Oneness

You are so much more than you know!

Life is such an adventure! We’re born. We learn and grow. Then we have to find a way to put to work all that we have become, even as we struggle to do, have or be more.

Realization that this life is a stop on a greater journey puts the question of context into all that happens along the way. For as we awaken to greater possibilities for us and for our reality, it plants in us a question that demands to be answered.

Why are we here? What are these lives all about?

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Going home

The Spiritual Path is not some woo-woo promise of immortality or way to seek admission into a higher realm. It is the process of gathering experiences by which to better know ourselves and our capabilities so that we can eventually find our way back to the One from which we came.

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This is a life of discontent.

The time for haphazard efforts is done. Your soul longs to be whole, for you to consciously reach upward to connect with it and do its will so you can work in partnership with spirit to gather the experiences for which you are here.

For while your life is but one stop on its evolutionary journey, taken one step at a time through many lives and realities — it is such an important one, for through your discontent and desires it has called you to awaken and consciously participate in the effort.

Will you answer its call?

Take the road to the Light within.

Through the whispers within your soul will lead you through the maze of human experiences to get the ones it needs to bring balance to your spirit’s whole, and to develop the crystalline body of light that will enable it to navigate the higher dimensions as it evolves its way home.

There is only One.

Never forget this as you make your journey through separation.

While there is only one power and one presence in all of creation, it manifests itself in countless ways to explore all aspects of its being within every possibility it, and its individualized identities, can imagine.

Not every manifestation will share the same path home. Each must go its own way

Even the spiritual path laid out here is not absolute. It is a perspective on the process of return to source, evolving through manifestation and experience and trial and error through lifetime after lifetime in various realities and dimensions.

Some souls are called to shortcut this journey and cut to the chase, ending what they see as lives of suffering to give up their identities and go directly home.

You will know if this is for you. It is an austere and harsh form of training that gives up the ways of the world to pursue only it’s union with God.

If you are one, we recommend you check out the teachings of Yogananda, Buddha and Padmasambhava, some of which you can find in our blog.

Whatever course you travel, whatever way you choose for yourself or are called to follow, we have only one request.

That you go it with love.

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