Expand Your Consciousness

Unlock Your Mind

Consciousness is the driving force behind all existence. It empowers us to choose the path of our return, and imbues us with free will to make the choices of our lives, challenging us to exercise them with responsibility and restraint. Release beliefs and perspectives that lock you into one view.

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Start peeling your onion.

Consciousness has many levels. Awareness of what you’re thinking at any given moment is where to start. And as you progress, begin to look deeper for the hidden motivations behind it.

Watch the thoughts bubble up from your subsconscious, rising slowly to the surface until they burst into your awareness and cross your conscious mind.

Will you fly away with your thoughts?

Consciousness allows you a choice — give in to the thought or action of the moment and let it carry you away, or remain the observer of your own mind without attaching to it substance or the emotions it triggers.


Be wise beyond your years

Once you become aware of your own thoughts and choose when to watch them and when to interact, then it is time to take responsibility for what they bring. Look at the consciousness acting in you and the others in your life and world when you confront a difficult situation. Try to see behind their words, deeds and emotions to the motivations and intention that set them in motion. Look for ways to engage — or not — without bumping up against their inner processes, or yours.

Find what you’ve been missing.

Finally, allow your inner voice to lead you to deeper levels of awareness and guide you how to work in partnership with spirit as you explore deeper awareness and understanding of all that is. Let go of how you used to see things. Shift into new perspectives and see what you’ve been missing.

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Put your consciousness to work.

I created Red Pill Chronicles for a blue pill world as a way to begin moving through your outer world — a world steeped in conflict and control — without succumbing to the forces that would drag you down with them. Check it out.

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