Engaging Your Outer World

What’s it got to do with YOU?

How you see it makes all the difference

The world around you is your teacher. It is an incubator where catalysts are created to help you grown. And it is a place where peace, joy and passion can be found by those who seek it.

In your outer world are the people of your life, and of your common affairs that affect or are affected by it. Loved ones. Friends. Adversaries. Leaders. Followers. All them help to make your life the way that it is.

They each are reflections of the One, here to gather their own experiences on their respective journeys. Within each is a seed of your energy, a divine spark that holds up a mirror in which to better know yourself and bring forth the best that you are.

I bow to the divinity in you. Hopefully you will see and honor it in those of your outer world.

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