Developing Social Consciousness

What’s Your Relationship to Your World?

Life is not just about you.

You are not here alone. You are part of a greater organism, a human collective of individualities, each trying to live lives that serve them.

Yet together the whole of that organism evolves. The state of human affairs reflects the collective consciousness that creates this reality, to which each person contributes its creative (and destructive) energies and helps it evolve.

Now that you are awakening, it is time to find your place within the whole, and to take responsibility for what you add that makes it what it is — and to do your part to grow it into what it needs to be.

Your journey is no longer just about you. It is about your relationship with your outer world, and the inner conditions and processes that influence your affairs in the world in which you live.

While you cannot control others or bend them to your will, you can bring more awareness to how you engage them and the world around you, and address the things in you that impact or are impacted by them.

Some Areas of Focus

Community, connection, compassion and co-creation

How you interact with your world matters. Separation and self must be balanced with connection and community. Practice loving kindness. Be compassionate. There is only One.

Peace and Conflict

This is a dualistic universe, and with it comes a world of conflict. How you address the conflicts in you and in your life makes all the difference in creating a better tomorrow, or perpetuating the way things are today.

Common affairs and governance

Politics rules the day and sets the course for human affairs. For too long those have been manipulated to serve wealth, power and influence. Consciousness is expanding. It’s your choice to go along to get along, or work to find another way, Choose wisely.

Consciousness, inner conditions, intentions and behavior

Your inner conditions and processes reflect the energy you bring into your world. Raise your vibrations. Practice positivity. Uplift others. Be aware of their needs. Act for their expansion, not at their expense.


Are you on the path of service to others? Or to yourself? How does it manifest in your life? Who do you choose to serve? Who don’t you? Or won’t?

Creative contributions

Your creative energies can be expressed in many ways. The best are those where you put your passions to work and find joy in every moment. Perhaps they even call you to make a difference. Honor them. Use them wisely. Build a better tomorrow — today!

red pill chronicles podcast cover image

Put your consciousness to work.

I created Red Pill Chronicles for a blue pill world as a way to begin moving through your outer world — a world steeped in conflict and control — without succumbing to the forces that would drag you down with them. Check it out.

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