Daily Practices

What should you do Each day?

So many ways to go and things to do. Which should you choose?

The irony of traveling the Path is there are no daily practices. It requires no devotion or piety, no prayer, no meditation, no adherence to dharma or dogma, nor anything else. Sure, all of that and more can be part of your practice and would bring great benefit, but none of them are essential daily activities.

For the Path only asks of you one thing — that you surrender to the Will of God as expressed through your inner voice. It is this voice to which you must attune and follow, regardless of the action or turmoil of your outer affairs.

It will lead you to what it needs you to be and become. It will inspire you with what to do, and nudge you through the urges and impulses you feel inside.

So get quiet. Listen. Surrender. Then act. There is nothing more you need to do.

Thy will be done.

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