Cultivate Your Energy Fields

Clean up your act.

The human body is comprised of many different energy fields — mind, body, emotions, even soul. They pick up distortions and impurities along the way that hold us back which must be cleansed and our energies aligned to work in harmony for further advancement.

We have found that cultivation practice sustained over time, including various forms of energy work, has worked best for us, both to vary the routine to maintain interest, as well as to target different areas of the body or mind that need attention.

Move energy and clear pathways

Exercises that focus the mind combined with stillness or slow movement of the body are best for generating energy and enhancing it’s flow along the inner energy pathways (channels and meridians). Pick the ones that call to you, but be sure to do it regularly. It will become a cornerstone of your ongoing effort.

We find qigong, tai chi, bagua, yoga, and meditation of great benefit in the process. Certainly there are others to which you may be called.

But do it. Just do it. Nothing can take its place if you’re serious about accelerating your journey and bringing it’s benefits into your life.

silouette seated person meditating with glowing chakras
 visualization of sound

Visualizations, Decrees, Affirmations & Meditation

There are many tools to aid you in cultivating your energy fields. Meditations can be used for many purposes and are highly recommended.

Mindfulness of the breath, Taoist standing meditation to promote relaxation and hollowness, the microcosmic orbit of Mantak Chia, the violet flame of St. Germaine, and as well Yogananda’s sitting meditation sending the breath up and down the spine to unleash the Kundalini — all are excellent practices to try. You can even meditate with the masters through Patricia Cota-Robles on YouTube.

Decrees, prayers and affirmations are also helpful to clear up limiting beliefs and instill new ones, as well as to mobilize the spiritual energies for transforming one’s inner and outer realities.

Hold a space in your life to work on you. Cultivating your energy fields is what it’s all about.

Cultivate your personality and relationship with the outer world

Perhaps most important of all, cultivate your behavior and relationship with your outer world. Don’t let it poison your well or taint your thoughts or actions.

Think good thoughts. Do good deeds. Practice positivity. Be at peace.

Discipline your body and mind. Take responsibility for your life. Be conscious of the energy you put out to your world and how you engage it.

Practice the behavioral constraints of your religious tradition. Love and allow yourself to be loved. Don’t judge. Minimize expectations. Be humble. Be nimble of mind. Avoid the seven deadly sins. Respect free will. And so much more.

Above all, bring out the best you have inside. Restrain your darkest aspects as best you can, and work to clear inner distortions that allow them to come forth.

Cultivating your inner soil never ends, for only when you do can the indwelling spirit that lives forever and ever rise up to join you.

God bless you indeed.

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