Create a Space to Know Your Own Way

We come into 3D world to create the lives we need, but no one teaches us how to do that. Perhaps in those moments we think the one we’ve created doesn’t feel so right, it might help to consider just what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

As we look at our lives from an energetic perspective, we can see that the path to where we are today is the result of a complex blend of forces, each interacting upon the others to steer us down the road of life.

Most of us would like to think that we took this road to follow our hearts and manifest our desires. And to some extent, each of us have used those energies to steer us to new opportunities and make the choices they offered.

However, in virtually every case our paths were influenced — often determined by — the macro-currents and dramas of the outer world and the well-meaning desires, demands, and expectations of family, friends and society.

Unfortunately, the noise from all those sources was usually so great that we were afforded little space to hear the most important of them all — the urges of our souls to create and process the experiences we came to get.

And this is without ever considering God’s will for what He wants for us, or any contribution we’re called to add to the world.

It would be bad enough if this is all that is involved to make things the way they are. Typically, though, most of us also have unfinished business from previous lives (or this one), energetic themes or life threads that keep coming back to us in one form or another, slapping us across the face and daring us to pick up the gauntlet and resume the tests and lessons they offered.

Adventurous beings that we are, too often we accept the challenge and dive back in for another go-’round. But instead of meeting it in new ways to demonstrate we’ve moved beyond it, we fall into the same old patterns and then wonder why we never seem to get anywhere with our lives (even to the point of falling into such a rut that we keep coming back for more of the same).

The challenge for each of us is to weave our way through these energies and create a life that works for us — and we’re the only ones who can decide what that life needs to look like, much less how we’ll go about the task of making it happen.

Before continuing, stop for a moment and consider the state of mastery each of us has already achieved. For just to live in this world requires a tremendous balancing act to juggle all these competing forces and still accomplish what it is we set out to do.

Sure, sometimes we drop the ball or fall prey to one influence or another. Our own weaknesses and imperfections often get in our way as well. But ever so surely we find a way to right ourselves and continue on our way.

So what can I suggest to make your journey through this difficult environment easier?

First I recommend creating a space where you can find refuge and regroup when things seem to be getting out of hand. I speak not of a physical space, but of an energetic one, where you can take a “time out” from the dramas of life and reconnect with the source of your being. I call it the “place of silence.”

When you enter into the place of silence, you will begin to see your life in another way — as if it is happening on a screen in front of you. But unlike the movies, this is an interactive event that allows you to re-enter the fray, make new choices and take new actions any time you choose.

To find it, start by sitting quietly. Gradually try to become aware of your own inner processes and awareness. Be gentle with yourself, especially when your mind wants to return attention to the outer life created for your consumption. Lovingly redirect it to the silence and simply wait. Feel the warmth of the space. The more you do, the more you’ll know what to do next.

Second, try shifting into new perspectives on the things that influence your life. Try to feel the energies of each. Look for the influence of factors like fear and desire, as well as the egoic distortions we often use to reinforce our illusion of separation from the reality (and people) around us. And most of all, try to see the patterns that keep presenting themselves, both in your reality as well as within you.

Then try to discern those of others as well. See how theirs interact with yours, as well as with the greater society around you.

Assess everything that comes into your “space,” even the news you read or listen to. Then look at your response and the triggers pushed within you. Look for the causes within you that make them that way and consider if and how they serve you, and if now, what you might do about them.

Don’t try to do anything with what you find just yet. Simply expand your awareness and powers of recognition. Trust that you will know how to proceed from where you are.

Last, check you intent. What are the motivating factors with which you set your course through life? Why have you chosen the ones you have? Which do you ignore or discount? Note your strength of will to follow that intention or set it aside in favor of something else, perhaps influenced by one or another of the forces of your outer reality or people within it.

Understand that none of this is set in stone. These forces change from moment to moment. The point of balance that works for you now may not work for you tomorrow or next week, much less next year. So continually monitor the energies, understand who you are and where you want to go, and adjust course accordingly.

Above all, remember it is YOUR life. You will be the one who has to live with what it brings, and decide whether you accomplished what you set out to or have to come back and try it again.

Begin living it consciously, aware of the forces that are blowing through you and your world. When you do, the quality of your choices and the experiences they bring will accomplish so much more.

The life you live is your own. God bless you indeed for doing so.

I am John. Go with love.

John Dennison
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