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Traveling the spiritual path doesn’t mean trading your existing beliefs in for some new dogma or devoting yourself to spiritual practices or rituals not within your chosen system of spiritual advancement.

Rather, traveling the spiritual path involves shifting perspective to find context for your life and accelerate your growth through the conscious application of the best you know and have inside. It transcends all religions and spiritual traditions, cutting to the heart of why each is doing what it is doing and where it’s trying to lead you.

At its core traveling the path involves knowing yourself and what your life is all about. That’s learned not by the teachings of some guru, but by going the “inner way” and looking at what’s going on in you and your life, how you’ve created yourself to be, and what it has to do with the way things are. And from there, empowering yourself to use what you find to give you more choice over your affairs and where and how you will go from here.

While spiritual perspectives and possibilities can be fascinating, traveling the inner way can be challenging. For when looking at yourself, often it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  Sometimes you need a guide to know what to look for and how to use what you find along the way.

Talk to John

John Dennison can help you see things in a new light so you can work with and within the energies of your life to take your next step.

Whether that’s getting clear on your intentions, understanding your life, or how to do what you want to do, John will help you explore what’s going on and empower you to move through and beyond whatever’s holding you back.

While he will give you insight and perspective into what’s going on, he will also empower you through the Socratic method to look at yourself and apply your consciousness in new ways, always respecting your free will to find your own course to a better tomorrow.

So when the going gets tough, remember. You don’t have to go it alone.

What’s it cost?

A price you can afford!

Each session is $150 and lasts about an hour. All sales are final. Missed sessions will be rescheduled as appropriate.

Contact him (by SMS or WhatsApp) through the purple icon at the bottom right of your screen to request a session.

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