Be a Light in the Darkness

A darkness is spreading across the land. You can see it in the news. You can hear it in the fearful outbursts of others. You can feel it in your bones. Is there no light to be found anywhere?

Lockdowns. Forced vaccinations. Restrictions on movement for citizens, while outsiders are imported and allowed to circumvent the rules and do as they please. Storm clouds of war loom on the horizon.

Despair is all around. Has the whole world gone mad?

Yet, despite the fears and alienation it brings, the current situation has opened a window into the motivations of those who rule. Power and greed fuel their excesses, imposed upon the populace ostensibly to improve the lot of all, but which upon closer examination appear as self-aggrandizement toward greater gains and control in the future.

Nevertheless, you are awakening to new possibilities for yourself and what you want out of life, and what to bring to it. Like a snake shedding its skin, you are growing into new expressions of love and light, despite often falling back into the old vibrations of negativity that marked your time asleep.

For with your growing awareness comes an expanding realization that all is not as it seems, and even the most disheartening events play a role in your evolution, and indeed even that of all humanity.

You are growing more aware of your connection to your creator, and seeking to accelerate your knowing of that source and return to it.

Perhaps you have even heard terms like oneness or unity consciousness, dangled like carrots to lead you onward and inward, even as life drags you down into the mire of conflict. One step forward, one step back, never seeming to advance toward your spiritual goals yet unable to completely focus upon the battles of the outer world that seems to be falling apart.

Maybe you even feel you have a role to play in those outer affairs, a contribution to make that might fulfill you and nudge humanity toward new relationships and ability to get along. But mostly, it is a time of confusion, of frustration, of inability to make the difference you want to make upon a world that doesn’t want it.

And so you slip deeper into the pit of despair, struggling to know yourself and find your way, all the time wondering if you are making the right choice for yourself and those you love. It is indeed a challenging time.

Understand, though, that your contribution to this world is not necessarily through your words or deeds, but through the evolution of your own consciousness and embodiment of the love and light you allow to flow through you. It is this contribution of your energies and vibrations to the collective consciousness that will uplift humanity, even as it uplifts you to greater understandings and expressions of the spirit that dwells within.

Your energies, vibrating ever-more-rapidly at higher frequencies as you evolve, provide a beacon of hope for others. But they also help to anchor in the vision of 4th density into which our planet is evolving, and taking you with it as it does.

Your contribution is to struggle and advance one breath at a time, and in so doing light a path that others may follow if they choose. And if they don’t, to raise the tide of the collective consciousness to lift all boats together when sufficient numbers turn toward the light.

You are an anchor for the new world to come, one where truth and justice and freedom and peace and prosperity for all are not pipe dreams, but guiding principles upon by all human relationships will be transformed — voluntarily embraced and adopted by each soul awakening in its own time.

Until then, it may be a bumpy ride. Never lose heart or lose sight of the destination. Never lose connection to your source or allow the darkness to block the light that flows from within.

You are the greatest hope for mankind, your awakening, your love, and your embodiment of all you have worked to become.

Never give up. Never give in. You know the way, so be confident in yourself and your ability to withstand the storms that blow in the outer world.

Believe it or now, they happen not to try to sink you, but push you closer to your destination.

Be strong, my friend. Godspeed.

Go with love.

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