Awakening to Your Relationship with Reality

Today I will focus on the server’s relationship to his or her reality. The practice of this focus is the second point of the base of the Peace Pyramid.

Relationship is not something limited to the romantic sense of loving affairs between two human beings. Rather, it refers to the relative position, perspective, and means of interaction by which we engage all aspects of our reality — especially the other people who cross our path.

Within the context of awakened service, relationship is especially important to mission success. For it is the foundation upon which our service is performed.

Every server brings a complex blend of inspiration, life experience, skills, personal attributes, love and wisdom to touch others’ lives and/or reshape the world around them.

Yet regardless of our efforts or what we bring to the table, the success of our service (and indeed, the lessons of our lives) will be determined as much or more by our relationship to the reality served up for our consumption.

At the core of reality is energy, imbued with an inherent intelligence that allows it to create situations that will bring us what we need from our lives.

Relationship implies an awareness or sensitivity to those energies and how they flow back and forth between us and the different elements of our reality. That awareness should be particularly acute to the influence of emotion, especially those triggered during our points of interaction with others.

It extends to a cognizance of our vibrational state at any particular period of time, and how those states fluctuate from moment to moment as our reality presents new situations for us to experience.

We are not concerned at the moment with manipulating relationship by selecting one set of vibrational frequencies over another. Rather, we are concerned here with simply developing sensitivity to what those states are. In short, it is an observation of the relationship of our inner processes vis-a-vis our outer affairs, not an effort to change either one.

Those who examine their inner processes might also want to examine the nature of their inner soil, and not just how they are processing things inside. For our beliefs, perspectives and inner attributes determine the attitudes and methods with which we interact with our reality. They are essential elements in establishing relationship.

For instance, if we see our relationship with another as simply a one way flow, we will adopt a mode of engagement that reflects it. In a sense, we predispose ourselves to a certain form of relationship (such as where one person does all the giving and another does all the taking). Our inner characteristics in a very real sense become self-fulfilling prophesies.

Such relationships may feel rewarding in the short run, but in the end leave both parties wanting. For the flow of energy is a closed system. Energy flows from one place to another. The resulting vacuum needs to be filled, either by the recipient in an exchange of energy, by some third party, or by God. And when it’s not, our ability to create and grow a relationship can be difficult indeed.

It is this flow of energy to which I’d like to direct your attention. For energy is the stuff that reality is made of.

In a very real sense, relationship has much less to do with our engagement of others than how we perceive and interact with those energies in us, in them, and in our world.

Good relationships build a sensitivity, even if an unconsciousness one, of those energies and how all involved are impacted by our interaction.

The second day of practicing the Peace Pyramid is therefore devoted to developing a sensitivity to those energies and how they manifest in our reality, including our points of interaction with others.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your heart. Even open the pores of your body. Feel the flow and interaction of those energies as you go throughout your day, especially the concerns of others as they are expressed (or attempted to be imposed upon) you.

Your reality exists for a reason. You created it to serve you. So don’t be so quick to try to change it. Just allow it all to be as it is created.

The same lesson applies to your relationships with others, too. They are the way they are for a reason. Let them do what they came into your life to do so you can get the benefit for which it was intended.

That means not being the bull in the china shop trying to bend reality (or others) to serve your will.

While I know how much you want to go your own way through life, how you go about it is as important as where you are going. And the manner by which you go about your life goes a long way to demonstrate [to your soul] your grasp of the true meaning of relationship.

You’re not the only one who wants things your way. Everyone else wants things to go the way they want, too. And if you’re both always pushing the issue, you’re relegating yourself, and our world, to a perpetual state of conflict.

So why not develop the awareness to know where you are imposing your will on others, and when you are allowing them to be as they will, regardless of its impact upon you?

Maybe you can’t change them, but you can change yourself. Or at least the way you interact with your life and all that’s in it.

Cultivate this awareness. It will serve you well.

Let it reveal the true nature of relationship so your reality can begin to unfold in a new and grander way.

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