Living with the Possibility of Ascension

The carrot dangles before us in promise of a better tomorrow.

The possibility of ascension by whatever name (Christians call it the Rapture), has been dangled before us for millennia. It holds forth the idea that those of faith will be lifted up into a higher dimension and escape from the trials and tribulations of this earth.

Think of it like a way to build Heaven on earth by escaping to a new one, instead of waiting until you die to get there. There are many teachings of various spiritual (and non-spiritual) belief systems that hold forth such promise.

One of the latest to come down was by Ra in The Law of One, where he foretold of the harvest of souls ready to move out of 3rd density consciousness into 4th density reality. Another that’s going around is that a flash of solar light will suddenly fall upon the earth, setting free the souls of those who are ready and of high enough vibration.

Traveling the spiritual path holds no such promise, nor does it require such an event. It does not discount the possibility that such will occur, however it may happen. But those who do walk this way can rest assured that their embodiment of the principles and practices of the spiritual path will prepare and qualify them for whatever may come.

Yet I caution you. Your steps along the Path are not to be taken in promise of something more. The promise of more is only that which you can take from and bring to the present moment before you.

Keep your eyes on the ball. Don’t wait expectantly for that which may never come. Besides, ascension isn’t needed to get where you want to go. You are lifting yourself up with every breath and positive vibration you have. Trust that it is enough.

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