Ascension is Turning Up the Heat

We’re moving deeper into the Ascension, and the old ways aren’t working. Livelihoods are dropping away. Things that once came easy now come with great struggle, if at all.

Yet as we look around, for some it appears that they are spared the pain and dislocation of having to watch their world crumble around their shoulders.

Why the disparity? Why are some seemingly on top of the world, while others are thrashing about, struggling mightily just to keep their heads above water?

I wish I could answer, but I can’t. Maybe they’re just better at the game than others. Or maybe their soul paths just don’t require them to go through the turmoil — at this time.

There’s a whole cottage industry that’s developed around telling the rest of us how good things can be if we just do this or think that. These self-help gurus don’t struggle, do they? They sure don’t let on like it if they do. Maybe it’s because so many people are throwing money at them to make their pain go away.

I really hope you’re part of the few for whom things are going great. Maybe you can be an inspiration to the rest for whom life is harder right now. And lend a helping hand when you feel the urge, because but for the grace of God the shoe might be on the other foot.

But if you’re one of those being tested, my heart goes out to you. I know it’s hard, and admire you for hanging in there and doing the best you can. As hard as it seems, this too shall pass and better days will come.

In the meantime, do your best to reflect all you hold dear inside. Don’t keep your best attributes to yourself. Share them even when you don’t feel it, because they just might help someone else get through their troubles a little more easily.

And when you can’t go on, don’t be afraid to stop and rest. Look around. Appreciate the beauty nature has provided.

Don’t forget to give thanks for the bounty that life has provided, the people you love and who love you. And for the chance to exist and go through what you are, because there are so many beings in other worlds that would give their eye teeth (if they had them) to go through it themselves.

Though we think we have a hand in it, we really don’t because it all comes from God. Besides, giving thanks is the best way of letting Him know you’re ready when He is to give you more. And if it’s His will that you stay in this mess, well, you’ll give it your best shot.

Yeah, I know.

This is nothing new. It doesn’t help. You’re still knee deep in troubles with no end in sight.

Maybe not, but I’ll be there. I won’t abandon you. I’ve gone into the darkness and know what you’re going through.

I can see the light on the other side. Please take my hand. Together we’ll find our way out.

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