Are You Awakening?

WhisperZone is a place where Awakening Souls can focus on themselves, and their efforts along the path of awakening.

But before we start, let’s get clear on one thing.  Awakening is not an event. It isn’t some magical state that occurs by flipping a switch.

Rather, it is a process that unfolds according to the needs of each soul resulting from the experiences brought by the lives created for us to live.

As such, we are often not even aware it is happening, until one day we look around and are struck by a profound realization that there is far more than we know, and filled with the urge to know — and ultimately — become it.

But rather than being passive participants trapped in a life that is foisted upon us by Divine Providence, we discover we in fact help create those experiences through the contribution of our creative energies to the collective consciousness that creates this reality.

Much of the effort of awakening focuses on the marshaling of those energies through direction of thought, emotion and deed, and addressing the inner conditions that distort them.  Other aspects of it involve their application toward breathing life into the inspirations to add our contributions in other ways, like doing good, sharing our gifts or shining our light through creative expressions like music, art and writing.

At its core, however, awakening is not about any of those things.

Instead, the true gift of awakening is the realization of our relationship to God as the source of our being and all that unfolds within it, and dissolving the illusions we use to keep us separate from that source.

The inner voice is our guide on this journey.  It  lights our path and sets the stage for our experiences and what we need to take from them.  It nudges us to move when we’re stuck, and to stop along the way to savor and absorb the experiences we’ve gathered.  And it points us toward our next step.

How we gather them is up to us, reflecting how we’ve progressed — or not — and setting off karmic waves to either move forward toward whatever’s next, or bring them back to try again in another way.

My work here will be to shine a light on this journey and how you might make it with greater peace, ease and possibility, not only for your soul, but for the ego that must deal with the dramas and difficulties that often come along the way.

I hope what we offer will help to ease your travel.

God bless you indeed.  Go with love.



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