Afterlife: Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m a disciple on the path.  My journey has allowed me certain perspectives and experiences that I share with you.

However, I make no claims of mastery — at least, as I am embodied in this life.  In fact, personal issues and personality traits might suggest otherwise.  Then again, we all have a tendency to beat ourselves up for being less than we want to be.

One of the conditions from which I “suffer” is confusion as I consider what happens when this life is over.

My belief — more than that, a sense of knowing — is that we will continue to exist after this life is over.  When, where and in what form remains to be seen.

I base this belief on “memories” dredged up from deep in my subconscious about past life events, reinforced by channeled conversations with various entities in non-physical reality, as well as those with my own inner self, guides or whatever is in there.

Those beliefs are also based on observations and experience from this life considering different spiritual traditions and how they relate to the evolutionary path of my soul as brought into my awareness.

Perhaps most importantly, intuition has played a big role as well.  For as you know, I long ago turned my life over to God as revealed through my inner voice.  Believe me, that isn’t always an easy path to tread.

So what do I believe?

That our souls are calling us to be whole, to expand our awareness of new possibilities and perspectives on what our reality is and is about.  And just as crucially, to put our lives into context within that greater effort.

In short, I’m trying to understand how this life contributes to our evolution and use it to consciously take our next step, both in this world as well as along the path home.

One of the biggest areas of contention — not for me, but for many who are new to the realization they travel a spiritual path — is what happens after death.


Life After Death

We all know about the Abrahamic religions of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritages.  One god known by different names.  And the promise of eternal life if we live by the rules they’ve handed down — mixed in with a lot of dogma, pomp and circumstance to reinforce it.

Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and other traditions are more focused on self-development through inner practices, generally within a system of reincarnation that is poorly understood and even less useful to bring context or understanding to our lives in being.

Even then, the concept of an after-life in an after-world permeates their teachings, as well that of divine beings that assist us as gods, angels, masters, saints or however else we choose to see them.

So let’s assume they’re right.  After all, many ancient cultures thought so, too.  The Egyptians even went so far as to prepare their bodies for life in that new world.

New Age teachings share much the same concept of an afterlife, though not necessarily all of the teachings to get there.  Rather, they’ve cherry-picked aspects that suit their views like love and drawing upon a higher power to direct or control how life unfolds here.

Nevertheless, self-perfection and self-realization remains at the core of the process for all, as near as I can tell.


The Law of One

The Law of One, as handed down by Ra (from that Egyptian culture), suggests much the same, and aligns well with much of what I’ve taught these last 20 years.

We are each on a journey to Oneness (or God, or wholeness with our souls) that is gradually moving us through different various lifetimes in differing densities of consciousness.  As we evolve, we move closer to being able to graduate to higher and higher levels of consciousness.

It says we’re in 3rd-density consciousness now (conveniently aligning with our perception of 3-dimensional reality, which is in fact a 4-D perception when you add in the element of time).

New Age teachings say we’re moving into a 5th dimension, beyond the 4D space.  Ra calls that “5th dimension” 4th-density reality where polarity will remain a factor for our experiential “pleasure.”

Under the Law, 4th density is marked by our “graduation” from 3rd density on one of two tracks: 1) service to self (absolute selfishness manifesting manipulation and control of others); and 2) service to others manifesting collective thought and voluntary action where we identify ourselves as part of a collective consciousness that must interact with those of opposite polarity.

Yet both paths ultimately lead to the Oneness at our core, taking us inward and “upward” as we evolve through our experiences.


How I See It

As I told you, there are many things I don’t know.  Even though I’ve experienced near-death as well as made the inner journey through cultivation of my energy fields and self-realization, where exactly we go between lives or after our time in this reality is over is unknown to me. 

My beliefs do not encompass a vision for what those “interim lifetimes” along the path may look like or how they/we might function in them.

All I “know” (there is always more) is that something inside is calling me — and you? — to evolve to greater understanding and alignment of ourselves in belief that doing so will make us better able to continue on the spiritual path.  That something “speaks” through my inner voice, tested by my intuition, guiding me to experiences it wants me to have.

One of those experiences is learning to embrace the unknown, even while working within what is known to build a better life, a better world, and a better path for others to follow to wherever they’re going.

That experience is shaped by a perception of some inner being, or beings, communicating to me from on high (other dimensions) — all to help me evolve to whatever I can be, and get to wherever I’m going next.

Is that an afterlife in another dimension, such as the Christian concept of heaven or the Chinese Buddhists idea of Western Paradise?  Is it to ascend as suggested by Ra to a 5th dimension with 4th density consciousness?  Or is it simply to give me more perspective for another life here — or not — as my soul does whatever it’s going to do?

I don’t know.  And frankly, I’m not sure any do.  For all our perceptions are distorted by our own filters and inner conditions.

We don’t have to agree, or see it the same way.  For the way we each see it is right for the experiences we need to get while we’re here.  However, it just might not necessarily be so.

All I know for sure, and all that I have, is this moment to do with what I will. 

I’m using it to help you reconcile these disparities of spiritual beliefs so you can get more from your moments now and to come, and to use them to fulfill your intentions for your life and world.

How you do it is up to you.  I hope it will be with love and light each step of the way.

God bless you indeed. 





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