About WhisperZone

Hello.  My name is John Dennison.

These are challenging times.  They try us at every turn.  Yet the spiritual benefits they bring are enormous as catalysts for our upliftment into higher levels of consciousness and advancement toward Ascension and beyond.

In the silence within a voice is whispering.  It may be calling you to awaken.  It may be calling you to be at peace, or to become more.  Or it may be calling you to do your part in the great awakening and storm of conflict blowing through our world.

Once I called those of the light to add their contribution to the Golden Age they were awakening to help create.   It mostly fell on deaf ears.  The world needs them now, but my efforts to sound the call are over.  Those who are meant to do so will find a way without me.

I provide guidance to travel the spiritual path and have a better experience of life along the way. Consultations are available for those who need personal help.

However, if you’re one to go it alone, I’ve laid out many of the basics to provide breadcrumbs you can follow in your own self-transformational journey back to your source.  You can learn more about me at my namesite, JohnDennison.com, which is a portal to all of my work.

God bless you indeed.

Here’s My Story

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