Are you disillusioned with religion?

Awaken to the Spiritual Path

Too many are disconnected from what their religion promises, and are tired of the fighting over who is right. We offer another way to find meaning, purpose and direction for your life.

Welcome to the WhisperZone

Where man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness

Awaken on the Spiritual Path

Know your own way

Lay your Foundation

How will you make your journey?

Know Yourself

What you don’t know can hold you back.

Life Lessons

Are you learning the lessons of your life?

Spiritual Catalysts

How do you meet your challenges?

Then Get in the Flow

Merge with the In-dwelling Spirit

The objective of awakening is not just to know more about yourself and advance your journey upon the path.

It is to achieve wholeness and build heaven on earth by setting aside your ego and allowing spirit to work though you.

When you do, you move into the flow of light from all that is and are swept away in the bliss and knowing that this is the way intended for you to live — where man and spirit join together in search of greater truths and awareness. And that is a beautiful place to be. It is from this place that you must serve.

God bless you indeed.

Now Put it to Work

Apply the principles and perspectives of the Path to your life and world.

Frequently asked questions

Food for Thought

What is the spiritual path?

The path is the experiential journey of your inner self to evolve its way back to Oneness, along with the outer world of which it is a part.

What is the process?

Life brings experiences through which you can know yourself and become more, whether consciously gathered or that happen synchronistically by predestination.

What is a catalyst?

Catalysts are the challenging situations of your life through which you evolve that are created for you to expand what you know yourself to be and show the world.

What’s it got to do with you?

Life doesn’t happen by accident, nor does the course of human affairs. It is a reflection of our consciousness and energetic frequencies that bring needed experiences and set in motion those to come.

What’s here for you?

Here we will drop breadcrumbs on the path for you to consider as you expand your knowing of yourself and move forward along the path of your evolution back to Oneness.

Where do you start?

You have already started. The seed has been planted. It’s up to you whether you water it and cultivate your inner soil, or let it lie dormantly to sprout in some future time or life.

Trusted Guidance

John offers consulations to provide insight, perspective and guidance to help you take your next step along the path. Text him through the purple icon below to learn whether it’s right for you.

Whispers in the Silence

Your soul knows the way.

This book is a guide to hearing your inner voice and traveling the spiritual path back to wholeness.

whispers in the silence book cover
Don’t go it alone.

Attend a Spiritual Event

We periodically hold events to help you know yourself, connect to the source within, and see your life in the context of your spiritual journey.