About WhisperZone

Hello.  My name is John Dennison.

Life is not all it seems.  There's always more.  I'd like to help you find it.

We are all on a journey to return to the Oneness at our core.  Most aren't even aware of it.  And those that are are too caught up in the dramas and difficulties of life to give much attention to why they're here, or what this life is all about.

At the heart of my teaching is a simple concept -- that there is a source of life within that calls you to awaken to your journey and apply the lessons of love you've learned while you're here.

It speaks through your inner voice, and fills you with the urge to seek the light and know the source of life at your core.  Whether that happens in this life, or through the cumulative experience of reincarnation in many lives and many dimensions, the process is the same.

Moderating the ego.  Knowing yourself. And listening to your inner voice.  Together they cleanse and align your energies so you are ready to move into the higher dimensions.

As religious devotees know, traveling the spiritual path demands sacrifice, surrender and an approach to life that doesn't always mix well with a world hell-bent on creating more struggle, suffering and conflict.

I was awakened to help seekers make this trek and overcome the obstacles in their way.

It doesn't matter if you follow a traditional religion, embrace ancient traditions, or go your own way.

What matters is that you bring out the best you have inside, and use each moment to take you closer to unity consciousness and the Oneness of union with God.

The materials presented here are breadcrumbs of illumination from my own journey.  In addition, I offer consultations to bring insight and perspective to yours, while addressing the hidden conditions that distort the light and block your way.

Godspeed.  And God bless you indeed.  I am John.


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