About WhisperZone

Hello.  My name is John Dennison.

I'm a traveler from a place far away, answering the call of my soul to activate and empower you to add your contribution to the upliftment of humanity.

It involves awakening to your journey along a spiritual path through consciousness that ultimately leads back to our Creator and all that is.

If you're becoming aware of this possibility, then you know how difficult the challenge can be.  For most of the world -- even perhaps everyone you know -- is asleep, still focused only upon this life as if this is all there is.

Yet somehow you must find a way to work with and within it's harshest winds to be the person you want to be and make the difference you know you -- ONLY YOU -- can make.

WhisperZone was created to give you hope, strength and determination to weather the storms impairing your journey by shining a light on the path ahead.

Along the way, I'll try to help you better understand your journey, the process of knowing yourself, and how you might better manage your shifting relationship with the world in and around you.

Only you can choose how you will make the journey of your soul.  I'll try to help you make it a little more consciously.

If you need help, I'm just a consultation away.


Here's My Story