Did You Forget About the Ascension?

Some think Heaven or Hell awaits when this life is over.  They might. But I see things another way.

Our souls are on a spiritual journey to Oneness with our Creator and unity consciousness with All That Is.  This life is but one stop along the way, designed to teach us about love as we gather the experiences needed to evolve.

They offer many lessons that test us, and challenge us to become more than we are.  In the process, they can unleash our worst, or inspire our best.  And ultimately, lead us to explore our inner world.

That involves knowing yourself.  Cultivating unaligned energies.  Moderating the ego.   And following your inner voice.  That's a good start.

Hi, I'm John Dennison.  I'll be your guide.  Godspeed.

"Acupuncture for your soul."

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Consciousness Exercise

Sit.  Eyes open.  Don't think.  Breathe naturally.  Unfocus your attention.  Be conscious of your awareness without controlling it.  Just watch. Do it until your body or mind tells you to quit.

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his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.”

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